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The Talent Stage is a modern stage area in the immediate vicinity of the RecruitingLAB and offered companies the opportunity to introduce themselves to interested career starters. In 30-minute lectures you could learn what the companies had to offer and how your career start could look like.

You could also take the initiative and do a different kind of job search: there was the chance to convince new employers of your skills in a 90-second timeslot and which could have gotten you your new dream job directly at InnoTrans 2022.

More information on this can be found here.

In cooperation with Eurailpress we offered the unique opportunity to use the Talent Stage for your job search in the following fields:

  • Technical professions
    (e.g. plant mechanic, construction manager railroad construction, draftsman)
  • Engineers
    (e.g. civil engineer, electrical engineer, railroad operations and infrastructure engineer)
  • IT
    (e.g. software architects, software developers, geoinformatics specialists)
  • Operational professions
    (e.g. professional driver, train driver, shunting attendant)
  • Commercial professions
    (e.g. controller, dispatcher/operations planner, strategic purchaser)

Live broadcasts from 2022 can be found on InnoTrans Plus. The program on the Talent Stage and details of the Eurailpress Career Boost for 2024 will follow here and on InnoTrans Plus.


Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Anne G├╝tte
T: +49 30 3038 2065


Lennart Mahdal
T: +49 30 3038 3204