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Boosting safety

June 2020

High platform screen doors in Barcelona (Photo: Masats S.A.)
High platform screen doors in Barcelona (Photo: Masats S.A.)

Boosting safety

Safety is the first aspect that comes to the mind when thinking about platform screen doors (PSD). There is no doubt that the complete blocking of access to the platform increases passenger safety. But the system, that is essential for automatic train operation, offers a number of other equally attractive advantages.

 One of these advantages is the better air conditioning of stations. PSD systems at full height in particular provide very good air quality, as the platform area is isolated from the track side. Another advantage, although not visible, but nevertheless remarkable, is the increase of line capacity. For that, the reduction of the time passengers need to get on and off the train is of crucial importance. For this purpose, the Spanish company Masats S.A. offers an integrated lighting system that easily identifies the train doors and at the same time provides information on whether the respective door is operational or not. This leads to more efficient boarding and alighting times, thus increasing line capacity. In addition, Masts door systems can be adapted to the requirements of each station thanks to their modular design. In this way, the stations can be supplemented with a whole range of useful equipment such as advertisements, video surveillance or first aid kits.

Another proprietary development in the portfolio is the so-called platform gap filler. This product easily bridges the gap between the edge of the platform and the train door sill. The Platform Gap Filler can be integrated into the PSD or used independently on the platform. This increases safety not only for passengers with reduced mobility, but for all passengers.


At the service of passengers

With the ThyraLink system, the functionalities of the previous developments have been improved even further. With the help of direct communication between the train and the platform screen doors, an “open-on-demand” function is achieved. This makes the use of air conditioning systems in stations and trains much more sustainable. In addition, ThyraLink makes it possible to determine the operating status of the doors before a train reaches a station in order to inform passengers on the train and on the platform in advance about the status of the access doors.

 At InnoTrans 2021, the Spanish company Masats S.A., that has been active for many decades in the field of platform screen doors and boarding aids for both rail vehicles, urban and intercity buses, will be presenting a new sliding door system for electric multiple units.