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For tomorrow’s signalling systems

July 2021

For tomorrow’s signalling systems
Exemplary application of the ALTPRO system

At InnoTrans 2022, the Zagreb, Croatia-based company ALTPRO d.o.o. will present its new solutions in the fields of train detection and INDUSI-based train protection systems. With this, ALTPRO aims at strengthening its name in the industry. ALTPRO will present two new flagship products in the train detection and protection market segment: ALTPRO‘s new axle counter concept constitutes a new generation of a modular, scalable and network-based axle counting system for railways, trams, metros and other applications. The new INDUSIbased train protection solution for the i60 and PZB90 configurations is designed to offer operators a high degree of flexibility and cost efficiency, while retaining the well-known and appreciated benefits of INDUSI ATP (Automatic Train Protection), which is widely used worldwide.

Axle counters as a proven solution

Axle counters are indispensable systems today and they are governed by strict requirements. For their production, both international regulations and national legislation, as well as the implementation of the most advanced technologies, are indispensable. ALTPRO’s new axle counter is the product of the company’s many years of experience and its comprehensive knowledge. It has a number of futureproof features such as self-optimisation, IoT, user-friendly interfaces – such as monitoring diagnostics via a cloud-based solution – predictive maintenance and automatic project configuration functions, as well as an exceptional immunity to all sorts of environmental conditions. This product provides the infrastructure undertaking with troublefree management of the diagnosis system as well as with reliable operations.

Modern INDUSI train protection not just for mainline railways

INDUSI train protection systems are long-standing and have been widely used, especially in Europe. They have been attractive to users for many years due to their combination of costefficiency, reliability and simplicity, and they have also persuaded first-time users. ALTPRO’s new solution not only gives the system a modern look. It is now possible to add new features without compromising the original benefits, making it possible to use the system in applications other than regular mainline operations, for example in metro networks. The development has taken into account the challenges faced by both infrastructure undertakings and railway operators. Thanks to a large number of state-of the art updates (including CAN communication and cloud-based diagnostics), this INDUSI system will continue to perform well in the future.