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From planning to maintenance: infrastructure from one source

March 2020

Representation of the geology integrated in the BIM model
Graphic representation: Amberg Group AG

Too many cooks spoil the broth, this time-honoured saying also applies to the operation of railway infrastructures. Too many enterprises andpartners often make processes and work confusing and, on balance, expensive. Amberg Technologies AG remedies this situation and offers a customised total package with its solutions, products and services: from planning to maintenance.

Right from the start, during the planning phase, geological surveys, 3D images of the entire area using mobile mapping as well as geo-mechanical and structural calculations provide an overall picture of the general conditions and challenges of a project. These are transferred into a Building Information Model (BIM) of the infrastructure.

This form of visualisation plays a decisive role not only in the planning, but also in the construction, operation and maintenance of an infrastructure. In the first phase, it ensures a better understanding of the complex processes of a construction project. For example, in a tunnel construction project, project participants can see both the alignment of the tunnel and the surrounding geology.

During construction, the data from geological monitoring and from the track monitoring system Track Control continuously flow back to the Amberg cloud solutions. In the constant interaction of information, for example from seismic pre-exploration, tunnel driving control, profile control as well as current scan data or monitoring data in real time, the model grows into a digital image of the building. The transfer of design data from the BIM for railway surveying equipment as well as the optimisation of construction site logistics, the so-called lean management, can also be integrated. The data flow back from the construction site – that is, ‘field to BIM’ – and thus keep the model up to date.

During the operating phase, comprehensive monitoring and inspections guarantee the long life of the infrastructure. By identifying and measuring changes, interventions can be planned early and in a targeted manner

.Artificial intelligence to predict damage

This sustainable way of thinking is the inspiration for new ideas at Amberg. In future, older tunnels will be recorded in 3D, modelled, provided with further relevant information and made available as digital twins. Artificial intelligence will soon enable automated, rapid and predictive detection and prediction of possible damages. The digital twin is the building documentation of the future. All data and models are available anywhere and around the clock. Amberg has the experience and expertise to successfully plan and implement infrastructure projects in all life cycle phases.

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