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Functional, sleek and smooth – litter bins for stations

June 2020

Functional, sleek and smooth
Litter bins and waste separation systems are essential elements of the equipment of main and secondary railway stations. (Photo: Auweko)

Most travellers have seen them, many have already used them, and yet hardly anyone knows where they come from. We are talking about litter bins and waste separation systems in and around public transport facilities.


They are called Temptation, Original, Kendo, Capital or Elegance – the litter bins and recycling collection systems of Auweko GmbH. They were born from the idea to offer highquality, visually appealing systems with integrated advertising possibilities that came up 25 years ago. The company has now sold over 100,000 bins to railways and transport companies. Around half of these are accounted for by Deutsche Bahn AG, which has procured various types of waste bins under framework agreements for 25 years. In addition to the state railways in Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg, Auweko systems can also be found in the metros in Berlin, Munich, Lisbon and Porto as well as in Cologne city railway stations.


High demands on functionality and design


Although litter bins may be inconspicuous objects at first glance, their design contributes significantly to the appearance of public transport stations. In addition to functional aspects, such as the separation of different types of waste, their design must also take into account whether they are to be used indoors or outdoors. Operators will not only consider the durability and ease of operation for cleaning staff but also other aspects such as theft, fire and vandalism protection. Auweko GmbH manufactures its products in stainless steel, galvanized or powder-coated sheet steel and colour-coated sheet steel in various thicknesses. The product lines usually offer different volumes and container combinations in order to provide a consistent appearance for different purposes. The developers attach great importance to the design, so that the systems fit in just as harmoniously in modern buildings as in historic railway station halls.


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