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Health protection in local transport

July 2021

The surface coating can simply be sprayed on.

Protecting passengers from viruses and bacteria has become increasingly important in local transport. For transport companies, this is also a question of manpower resources and increases in costs, not least because the number of passengers has been falling since the beginning of the Corona pandemic. The HÜBNER Group has concluded a cooperation agreement with AIRDAL and will distribute the antiviral surface protection product of the same name in the mobility sector. As a leading supplier to the mobility industry, HÜBNER is now offering the antiviral surface coating for all urban and regional public transport equipment. The product prevents viruses or bacteria from surviving on surfaces such as on grab rails, in seating, boarding and gangway areas and in the driver‘s cabin.

Physical effect

The effect of the coating is purely physical. After application, an ultra-thin protective film of amorphous glass is formed: it contains very tiny spikes that destroy the cell walls of viruses and bacteria. This eliminates disease-causing pathogens and prevents them from spreading further. Surfaces which have been treated do not require cleaning and disinfection as often – while providing the same level of protection against infection. Independent tests have shown that the quantity of micro-organisms on the surfaces is reduced by approx. 99.9 percent after only a short period of application.

Cost savings for users

The invisible surface protection, which does not adversely affect the materials, remains on surfaces for up to twelve months. The application is very simple: After pre-cleaning, AIRDAL is applied to the surfaces to be treated. Thus, only two persons can disinfect a complete vehicle within a short time. Additional chemical disinfection is no longer necessary, only cleaning should be carried out at the usual intervals.