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InnoTrans Podcast: Premiere with Dr. Ben Möbius

February 2021

Dr. Möbius Podcast
Dr. Ben Möbius, Managing Director of VDB

The first episode of the InnoTrans Podcast had a lot up its sleeve. In addition to presenting the first highlights of InnoTrans 2022, Dr. Ben Möbius, Managing Director of VDB, answered questions about the future of the rail industry. He also answered the question of what the Chief Executive Officer of the German Railway Industry Association would have to tell a time traveler.

In the interview, Dr. Ben Möbius talks about the opportunities of green mobility as a way out of the crisis. Green mobility is the key to a green reboot, Möbius said. He is convinced that the future holds optimistic growth prospects for the rail industry.

In this context, Möbius also addresses the critical question of whether this future is at risk because of the pandemic. Some studies show that many people feel safer in their cars than on the train, and that individual transportation has thus gained in importance. But from the point of view of the CEO of the VDB there is no reason to worry. Even if it can be observed in the course of the crisis that fewer people are using public post-transport, there is no general rejection to be seen here.

One thing remains the same in all these debates: "People want clean mobility," Möbius is convinced. To be climate-neutral by 2050, emissions from mobility worldwide would have to be reduced by 90%. This will require a "revolutionization of mobility." In his view, the future of clean mobility can only work with rail as a key element.


InnoTrans News

Kerstin Schulz, Director of InnoTrans, also had many exciting topics to share in the first episode of the InnoTrans Podcast. The project team is already hard at work planning InnoTrans 2022, and exhibitors who canceled their participation in the past are now coming back - with only a few spots left.

A real InnoTrans novelty awaits participants in the form of a streaming studio, which can be booked now. There are also developments in the Speaker's Corner area. Demand is so high that the decision has been taken to offer five Speaker's Corners next year, one for each segment, thus giving exhibitors even more space for their own individual presentations.

With the Eurail Press Career Boost, InnoTrans is turning the tables for once. Instead of exhibitors, young talents from the rail industry will have the chance to present themselves. For 90 seconds, the stage belongs entirely to the young professionals and their visions.

A special highlight awaits visitors on the last day of InnoTrans: the Science Slam. This special communication format offers young scientists the opportunity to present their research projects in the field of mobility in an easy and comprehensible way within 10 minutes. As with the poetry slam, the audience chooses the winner.

Finally, of course, the question of the time traveler should be answered. If Dr. Ben Möbius were to meet a mobility-savvy traveler from 1950 and were to convince him of the progress of mobility, he would - who can be surprised - introduce trains. Möbius is convinced that this is the most fascinating, captivating and also emission-free way to travel today.

The next episode of the InnoTrans podcast will be published on March 9. Michaela Stöckli Director of Swiss Rail is invited as a guest - Simply stay on Track!