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Integrated solutions for mobility

June 2022

Integrated solutions for mobility

As a systems integration specialist, EQUANS SAS addresses all the complex components of a network and their interaction, offering turnkey solutions for infrastructures and digital services. In the transport sector, the French group relies on the know-how of its subsidiaries to provide a wide range of public transport services.

In the infrastructure sector, EQUANS’ range of services includes electrification, power supply, safety and signalling systems, based on the know-how of its subsidiaries Powerlines Group, Ineo and SCLE SFE. The Powerlines Group is one of the leading European suppliers in the field of electrification of mass transit, regional and mainline infrastructures - trams, metros, light rail and trolleybuses in urban transport, standard lines and high-speed lines in long-distance transport. Being a systems supplier for railway electrification, the group’s services range from consulting and engineering to installation and maintenance as well as product development and sales. The product portfolio includes components and complete systems, such as contact wire clamps or masts made of glass-fibre re-inforced plastic (GRP).

Monitoring and safety of operations

With SOCRAT, Ineo has developed and patented a reliable system to remotely monitor overhead contact line systems. SOCRAT measures the displacement of the contact wire and of the tensioning weights as well as, in parallel, the temperatures of the contact wire and the ambient air. This allows the operational status of the overhead contact line to be determined, malfunctions to be detected and maintenance personnel to be alerted in real time.

SCLE SFE has developed a generic safety platform which is certified to the highest safety requirement level, Safety Integrity Level 4 (SIL4), according to the European standards for digital railway signalling applications: the Base Générique de Sécurité, BGS. On the basis of this general platform, EQUANS’ operational safety experts will develop specific systems or equipment and will programme the associated application software, including crosswind detectors and decentralised interlockings.

Onboard connectivity

As a leading provider of onboard connectivity solutions in public transport, Icomera supports a wide range of digital applications which enhance passenger satisfaction and improve safety and operational efficiency. In 2003, Icomera developed and implemented one of the world’s first on-board Wi-Fi services in cooperation with the Swedish railway undertaking SJ. Icomera now claims to deliver the fastest and most reliable internet connection available in a moving vehicle. In 2020, the company launched the X5 Router, the world’s first 5G-enabled router which delivers more than one gigabit of data per second to a moving train, using only 4G and 5G mobile networks. It was successfully tested on the Stockholm-Gothenburg line. This exceeded the benchmark known as the “Gigabit Train”. Icomera’s onboard connectivity solutions serve millions of passengers and tens of thousands of onboard systems in Europe and North America day-in day-out. Deutsche Bahn trains, for example, were equipped with Icomera Passenger Wi-Fi for the first time in 2016, and Icomera devices are being installed in an ever increasing number of new trains. Icomera estimates that across Germany, up to 500,000 passengers connect to Icomera Wi-Fi every day.

Operations control and passenger information system

EQUANS’ Navineo is a CAD/AVL (Computer Aided Dispatch/Automatic Vehicle Location) system which provides public transport operators with a wide range of functions, such as incident reporting, Voice over IP (VoIP) communication and a passenger counting system. The passenger information system includes visual and audio information in the vehicles as well as passenger information at stops and via mobile radio and the internet. The Navineo operations control system is in use in over 50,000 buses and trains worldwide.