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LED lighting solutions for the Swiss Ceneri Base Tunnel

April 2020

Emergency and safety lights in the Ceneri Base Tunnel
Photo: BöSha Technische Produkte GmbH & Co. KG

Competence in emergency and safety luminaires with high demands on durability and quality was sought for the development of special lighting systems for the Ceneri Base Tunnel in the canton of Ticino.

At BöSha Technische Produkte GmbH & Co. KG these criteria were fulfilled. The 15.4-kilometer-long, third-largest tunnel construction project in Switzerland consists of two single-track tubes, which are about 40 metres apart and which are connected to each other by a total of 46 cross-galleries. BöSha developed special LED cross-gallery luminaires for Cablex AG, a wholly owned subsidiary of Swisscom. 550 of them were installed and in future they will illuminate not only the galleries but also the technical rooms in the Ceneri Base Tunnel.

Special requirements inthe tunnel

In addition to a high efficiency, special requirements are imposed on the luminaires for use in tunnels: A uniformity of G1: 1:40, a luminaire mounting height of 250 centimetres and illuminance levels of 50 lux on average at banquets were required. The LED cross-gallery luminaires are equipped with through-wiring via plug connectors with IP 69 screw connection, an impact-resistant Class IK 10 housing with high IP protection and special vibration-inhibiting luminaire brackets. The required shock and vibration test has been carried out in accordance with EN 60068-2 with a five-fold tolerance at frequencies of 1 to 5 Hertz. The frequency was 1 to 5 Hertz. The first oscillation reached an amplitude of 1kilonewton per square metre, caused by a pressure shock, the further oscillations reached amplitudes of 0.1 to 0.2 kilonewton per square metre. The cycle was completed with an amplitude of 0.4 kilonewtons per square metre, that started at negative value, caused by the suction effect. A pressure cycle test with 200,000 cycles was also carried out.

High standards and easymaintenance

With a service life of 50,000 hours in the temperature range from –25 to +50 degrees Celsius, the requirements of other general tunnel safety lighting standards have been doubled. In accordance with the specifications, a central closing mechanism with a patented double-sided locking system allows the LED cross-gallery luminaire to be opened without tools, thus facilitating maintenance work.

BöSha prismatic escape route luminaires were also installed at 96 points in the Ceneri base tunnel. These luminaires have also withstood the pressure and suction load of 200,000 cycles. Each of them is furthermore redundantly equipped with two lighting circuits. Developed according to the latest LED technology, the luminaires have a high savings potential compared to those with conventional technology.

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