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Making Mobility Intelligent

November 2020

Making Mobility Intelligent
Data collection can improve offers. (Grafic: Motiontag)

The startup company MOTIONTAG develops software that enables services for seamless intermodal mobility experiences and disruptive mobility offers. By integrating the software into smartphone apps, real-time data will be generated that enable the assessment of the effective mobility behaviour and depict travel chains of people on the basis of a new type of data collection through an AI assessment of the sensor technology of the smartphone. Mobility patterns and means of transport used are automatically recognised. The recording is passive, without user interaction. Thanks to the constantly increasing sensor performance, large amounts of data can be generated via smartphone tracking and individual movement data can be recorded anonymously. Combined with classically collected data sets such as public transport timetable data or General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data, this provides spatial indicators that are relevant for planning. The MOTIONTAG technology thus helps transport companies to draw valuable conclusions from large amounts of data, to gain a clear understanding beyond their own system use and thus to optimise their public transport services.