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New systems for new standards

July 2020

Luminator Photo: Luminator
Data for passenger information and video surveillance can be exchanged in a standardised way using Luminator‘s data management. Photo: Luminator

Digitisation in public transport is driven by information and communication systems. The standardisation of interfaces and new solutions are promising an easy integration of ‘plug and play’ functionalities.

The Luminator Technology Group (Luminator), a manufacturer of digital information systems, video security systems and lighting solutions, offers a comprehensive portfolio of intelligent system solutions for public transport worldwide. These systems can help bus and train operators to cope with the steady increase of information technology networking and to meet their growing need for information, security and updated data.

In addition to on-board passenger information for trains and buses, Luminator offers on-board video security systems and also stationary passenger information. These incorporate the latest state-of-the-art technology , such as full-IP passenger information systems based on the ITxPT standard, high-resolution LED destination displays, stationary real- time displays with e-paper technology or full-IP video security systems with cameras, recorders and driving monitors with a direct connection to the back office via router and antenna.

exchange via data hub

The product portfolio is completed by the corresponding control units and software applications. Luminator has developed its own data management system for the efficient and smooth exchange of traffic data. It integrates various protocols and services in the rail and public transport sector and is used for data exchange between different providers. In addition, this so-called data hub can be used to control access authorisations and pre-concentrate traffic data for transmission to nationwide data hubs.