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InnoTrans Digital Convention: Perspectives for the future of mobility

September 2020

On track to the future

Comment fromCAMET

Since China’s first subway was put into operation in 1969, China’s ur- ban rail system has undergone 50 years of development. As of June 30, 2020, a total of 41 cities in Main- land China have put 6917.62 kilo- metres of urban rail transit lines into operation; by the first half of 2020, the designed new line length of approved projects was 272.54 kilometres, and the total new in- vestment was about 230.6 billion yuan. In March 2020, the China Association of Metros issued the ‘Development Outline of Smart Ur- ban Rail of Urban Rail Transit Sys- tems in China’. China‘s urban rail transit industry is changing from rapid development to high-quality development. As the top-level de- sign of informatization of urban rail industry and smart urban rail, the ‘Outline’ aims to achieve the ex- pected goals of overall scientific planning, careful and rational de- ployment, and orderly progress.

The ‘Outline’ puts the safety, con- venience and comfort of passen- gers in first place for innovative development of the urban rail in- dustry, promotes the creation of smart urban rail with technological innovation, and actively promotes the reform of the approval system for urban rail construction planning. It is necessary to achieve innova- tion in all aspects such as planning and design, investment and financ- ing, project construction, operation management, resource manage- ment, project acceptance, and asset management based on the inter- city and cross-level rail transit man- agement mechanism, so as to build a cross-regional rail transit man- agement system.

The ‘China Association Of Metros’ is a young national first-level industry association with 778 memberunits. We are willing to carry out more ex- changes with urban rail participants from all over the world to promote a healthy and sustainabledevelop- ment of the urban rail transit industry.