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Platform solution for cyber security

November 2021

Thanks to the clear presentation, threats can be easily identified. Photo: Cervello Ltd.

To ensure safe and reliable transportation while avoiding operational disruptions, railway companies need cyber security solutions, that address the specific needs of railways. The Israeli company Cervello Ltd. has developed a special security solution to safeguard technologies, protocols, methods and systems of the railway sector from cyber-attacks.

The system can be passively integrated into the complex architecture and network environments of railways. It works using a patented non-intrusive zero-trust authentication technology and provides an unprecedented display technology, a real-time capability to detect cyber threats and efficient threat remedies to ensure uninterrupted operations. A non-trusting but fully passive and non-intrusive model assumes that every connection or command is potentially malicious and therefore delivers a tailored passive authentication that enables an early detection of threats. It alerts the relevant actors in real-time about potential cyber threats. Once a threat has been detected and isolated, a step-bystep manual provides a clear remedial strategy developed by leading cyber security experts in order to achievea fast resolution and to avoid further damage or delays.

Visualisation of the operating environment

By integrating Cervello’s fully passive, non-intrusive, railway-specific solution with railway communications, signalling and control systems, rail operators and infrastructure managers can ensure security without risking disruption to business continuity or compromising passenger safety. The platform enables both a detailed and a comprehensive visualisation of the entire operational environment by dividing all connected assets and clusters into security zones and providing an overall record of the operational dependencies, forensics, vulnerabilities and risk exposure of each asset.

Complex data for risk assessment

Cervello’s deeply-engineered cyber security forensics and the isolation of threats provide a precise overview of the threat landscape, raw data, communication protocols, data flow and behavioural analysis. With this information, rail operators and infrastructure managers can accurately assess their operational and business risks and gain the necessary context to ensure uninterrupted operations.