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Preview goes Podcast: InnoTrans Preview expands

February 2021

Kerstin Schulz

On February 9, the InnoTrans Podcast will go online at 10 a.m. on all known platforms. The internationally oriented format as part of InnoTrans Preview is aimed at all trade visitors and exhibitors at the world's leading trade fair for transport technology.

"Intensify contacts"

"We want to further intensify contact with our community," says InnoTrans Director Kerstin Schulz about the new project. The podcast, which lasts a good 20 minutes, is published monthly and is dedicated to current developments and challenges in mobility. "Our goal is to create a global picture of the current situation for our community with our international discussion partners. What is the situation in Japan or the US? What impact does the pandemic have on tomorrow's mobility challenges worldwide? These are all exciting questions that we try to discuss with our guests," says Kerstin Schulz.

Dr. Ben Möbius

The premiere guest is Dr. Ben Möbius Chief Executive Officer of the German Railway Industry Association. In the first episode of the podcast, he talks about the impact of the Corona pandemic on the rail industry. In addition, it is about ambitious mobility solutions for the many challenges of the Green Re-Start and the opportunities of digitalization. Furthermore, it is about innovative mobility concepts at InnoTrans 2022.

"The Green Re-Start needs Future Mobility and so does InnoTrans. Because now it's about both at the same time: new growth and climate protection. In fossil transport, these are usually antagonists. Rail 4.0 means that we can combine both. Not bans, but offers create new, emission-free mobility. 100 percent travel experience, 100 percent pioneering spirit, but zero emissions - the forum is InnoTrans," says Dr. Ben Möbius.

Outlook for InnoTrans 2022

Another core aspect of the new format is up-to-date insights about the next InnoTrans, which will take place in September 2022. Listeners will receive exclusive information about InnoTrans.

"The last InnoTrans was in 2018, which is almost three years ago. With our InnoTrans Preview, we want to support the much-needed exchange between trade visitors and exhibitors. The podcast is another step towards this," says InnoTrans press officer Tim Benedict Wegner.