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Rail transport as the backbone of mobility

July 2021

Rail transport as the backbone of mobility

How can cutting-edge mobility be reconciled with EU climate targets? That is the question the latest episode of the InnoTrans Podcast will address in conversation with Prof. Dr. Siefkes of the German Aerospace Center. As head of the Institute of Vehicle Concepts he advocates greater acceptance of rail transport as key to achieving sustainable mobility. A main aspect of this is effecting a rapid and efficient transition phase, with double-decker, high-speed freight trains, for example.

“Railway transport is a central means to achieve the European Green deal. To master this role, it will see a transformation 9leading to the following setting in 20 to 30 years from now: The acceptance and attractiveness of the rail system is very high and both decarbonization and an increase in energy efficiency in the entire value chain per person/km or ton/km has been achieved on a large scale. Remote regions are reintegrated into the rail system; transfer and handling times are minimized; society sees the railways as the backbone of mobility.“

Long-distance rail freight as a low-cost alternative

In the interview, Prof. Dr. Siefkes will look at transport concepts potentially enabling long-distance rail freight at low cost and high speed. He will talk about what studying Queen Elizabeth I has taught him and reveal why the Batmobile had a formative influence on his career as a researcher.

You can find all episodes of the InnoTrans Podcast here. Additional information on these episodes is available on our social media channels LinkedIn, Twitter (@InnoTrans) and our InnoTrans blog.

The next episode of the InnoTrans Podcast will be aired on 10th August when Chris Snyder, CEO of Via Transportation, will be the guest.