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Safe and low-emission on the move – protection for passengers

June 2020

Fogmaker fire extinguishing system (Photo: Fogmaker International AB)
Fogmaker fire extinguishing system (Photo: Fogmaker International AB)

Current and future emission limits require individual configuration of exhaust gas after-treatment systems in order to integrate them in the best possible way into new or existing applications. Fire protection also plays a major role here.

The Fischer Group with Fischer Abgastechnik GmbH & Co. KG and Fischer Industriemotorenzubehör GmbH & Co. KG offers technologies for various applications.

Fischer Abgastechnik is an influential developer of unique exhaust gas after-treatment systems for rail vehicles and industry. The soot particle filter systems, that are specially tailored and manufactured for each specific application, reduce the soot emissions of the main and auxiliary drives very effectively. Fischer Industriemotorenzubehör has been a supplier and service partner for fire protection solutions for all types of vehicles, aggregates, engines and engine rooms for many years. The new EU regulation UNECE R107 on public transport includes the use of fire extinguishing systems in urban buses and in future also in longdistance buses and coaches. This is associated with new requirements and guidelines for local authorities when awarding service contracts to bus companies.


Partner companies of the manufacturer Fogmaker


Technical defects are not necessarily the only ignition sources; human errors such as an oil-soaked cloth forgotten on the exhaust manifold may also cause them. The high exhaust gas temperatures that are necessary to ensure an appropriate function of particulate filters and SCR systems and thus to cope with the ever more stringent engine emission limits, also Fogmaker fire extinguishing system Photo: Fogmaker International AB lead to an increased fire risk. The fully automatically triggered Fogmaker extinguishing system effectively fights the fire source with the excellent properties of a high-pressure water mist.

Finely sprayed water mist displaces the oxygen required to sustain the fire and cools the ambient temperature very quickly. The extinguishing medium, water, is harmless to humans and does not pollute the environment. Extinguishing agent containers do not have to be replaced after been activated but instead can be used again after inspection and refilling, thus ensuring low maintenance and servicing costs throughout their entire service life. Fischer keeps all necessary fluids and spare parts for this purpose in stock. In addition, the specialists from Emsdetten install the fire protection solutions professionally and offer a comprehensive service. The headquarters of the Fischer Group are located in Emsdetten, where a new building with more space for new developments, test bench areas and filter service is currently being built. All in all, the Fischer Group will thus triple its company size.