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Siemens Mobility CEO Peter calls for rapid rethinking for climate-neutral mobility in the InnoTrans podcast.

April 2021

Michael Peter, CEO Siemens Mobility
Michael Peter, CEO Siemens Mobility

The mobility sector plays a crucial key role in achieving the EU's 2030 climate targets, but what measures are needed to integrate sustainable mobility services quickly and effectively? In the latest episode of the InnoTrans Podcast, Michael Peter, CEO Siemens Mobility, talks about concrete solutions and why mobility concepts are also undergoing socio-cultural change.

Trains as pioneers for climate-neutral mobility

"We need to focus on the right technologies now to inspire even more people to switch to public transport. Our trains are already pioneers when it comes to making the mobility sector climate-neutral," says Michael Peter, CEO Siemens Mobility.

Albert Einstein and more networking through ETCS

Michael Peter goes on to explain why Albert Einstein's mindset is still exciting and instructive for global leaders like him. He also calls for more effective cooperation between European countries through the widespread use of ETCS.

All episodes on demand

The current episode as well as further episodes of the InnoTrans Podcast are available here. The next episode will be released on May 11. The guest then will be the new CEO of Voith Turbo, Cornelius Weitzmann.

latest episode of the InnoTrans Podcast
Siemens Mobility CEO Michael Peter talks about the importance of sustainable mobility in the latest episode of the InnoTrans Podcast