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Mai 2022

Smart journeys benefit from end-to-end connectivity
Photo: Messe Berlin GmbH

Smart journeys benefit from end-to-end connectivity

Passengers can enjoy a high-quality travel experience through internet, varied media entertainment options and practical real-time travel information. Intelligent connectivity solutions from Nomad Digital connect passengers, vehicles and businesses.

UK-based Nomad Digital designs, builds, implements and maintains on-board passenger WiFi and passenger information systems. Furthermore, the company offers remote online solutions for condition-based monitoring and maintenance which support operational efficiency and optimisation of fleet management. Nomad Digital’s portfolio provides intelligent technologies for the maintenance and servicing of rolling stock and ensures a fully connected passenger experience, all in a secure cyber environment. Nomad Digital’s solutions provide visibility into both the current and past connectivity usage and fleet performance. The use of these data supports the monitoring and management of operational fleet problems in a proactive and intelligent manner.

Train-to-ground network for high-speed WIFI

“We live in a world of increased expectations with regard to digital, sustainability or mobility developments,” says Xavier Champaud, CEO of Nomad Digital. He is thinking of both passengers who want a pleasant journey with seamless transitions from one mobility mode to another, and operators and maintainers who use real-time tools to make their decisions and improve their service. Nomad Digital supports this transformation through innovations and investment in research on artificial intelligence and data.

In 2019, Nomad Digital launched Trackside Railway, a dedicated wireless network laid along the tracks. The trackside communication technology enables high-bandwidth and low latency network connectivity for connections to high-speed, long-distance and dense traffic trains. Similarly, it is suitable for seamless, single sign-on and wireless roaming connectivity in railway stations and platforms, as well as on trains and metros.