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Tracks from the conveyor belt: RUS 1000 S

January 2022

The RUS 1000 S is the result of a development partnership. Photo: Swietelsky AG
The RUS 1000 S is the result of a development partnership. Photo: Swietelsky AG

In 2006, Swietelsky revolutionised track construction with the RU 800 S, which until recently was unique. With this large machine, it was possible to combine the two complex processes of track renewal and ballast bed cleaning within just one track blocking possession. Now, with the RUS 1000 S, a further development of the successful concept (Plasser & Theurer/Swietelsky system) has been launched. The huge machine, that has been completely modernised, offers even more working capacity without occupying the adjacent track. In addition to laying ten sleepers per minute and a low axle load of 22.5 tonnes, the large machine can realise a working radius of only 250 metres in a three-metre construction gap. Immediately after the work cycle, the RUS 1000 S leaves behind a new track that can be driven on at 60 kilometres per hour. This is made possible by the layer-by-layer compaction of the ballast bed. The first tamping operation takes place immediately after the new track has been laid and ballasted. In addition, the track renewal and ballast bed cleaning train impresses with countless details, the development of which has been based on more than ten years of operational experience.

High availability at lower costs

According to Peter Gal, member of the board of Swietelsky AG, it is thus possible to further reduce costs and, above all, the track possession time, that is so important for infrastructure operators, without sacrificing quality or the safety of railway operations. According to Johannes Max-Theurer, CEO Plasser & Theurer, the large machine is the result of a development that required three partners: an infrastructure manager like ÖBB, a contractor like Swietelsky, who invests in such technologies with a long-term visionary commitment, and finally Plasser & Theurer to design and build this complex machine. Being the result of a long chain of innovations, the RUS 1000 S is proving its value with its first customer orders. With each subsequent use, the specialists at Swietelsky are able to exploit the machine’s potential even better.