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Travelling wisely and saving time

November 2020

Travelling wisely and saving time
Optimising the daily commute to work with the help of an app (Photo: Zeitmeilen AG)

Commuters lose a lot of time every day on their way to and from work. The Time Miles bonus system promises to provide a remedy: it rewards flexible, multimodal mobility behaviour and thus helps to disentangle traffic flows.


Berlin experiences the worst situation: according to a study by the US traffic information service INRIX, in 2018 capital city dwellers have lost an average of 154 hours of their lives in traffic jams and congestions. The situation in other German conurbations does not look much better, either. It is estimated that over half a million hours worth four and a half billion euros are lost every year across Germany, and the environment is additionally polluted with 600 tonnes of CO2 as a result of the increased fuel consumption. And a sustainable improvement is not in sight, since neither the road network nor the public transport system can be adapted in any short-term to the foreseeable increase in commuter traffic.


Flexibility as a solution


The Berlin start-up company Zeitmeilen AG, a sister company of highQ Computerlösungen GmbH, wants to show a way out of this dilemma with a new type of digital service. The idea is that commuters should not stub bornly take the same route every day, but they should rather base their route selection on the individual recommendations of their mobility app. The recommended route can be different every day, even if the destination is identical, or – for instance in cases of extensive traffic obstructions – it can be suggested to leave the car at the nearest park-and-ride site and continue by underground. The aim is to reduce peaks in the density of traffic in conurbations by dispersing them in time, space and mode and to improve the mobility offering in rural areas by linking, optimising and orientating it to the demand. Both urban and rural areas can benefit by introducing the respective transport strategies into the platform. With the highQ MobilitySuite a holistic, platform based mobility solution was developed to implement this. It is an open and flexible mobility platform with standardised assistance functions that offers the right solution for every mobility context. The mytraQ app is the mobility controller of the suite and rewards environmentally conscious traffic behaviour with the integrated bonus system of ‘Time Miles’ (Zeitmeilen). The aim is to achieve a “social mobility”, in which the routes of an entire group are optimised rather than those of individuals.