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Please review these selected webinars to find out more about the industry’s innovative product solutions.



Solutions for weight reduction in Bus and Rail vehicles

3M Solutions for weight reduction in Bus and Rail vehicles. Keeping transportation engineering moving!


  • Bus and Rail Market trends
  • Leightweight management
  • Vehicle structure
  • Vehicle body shell
  • Interior parts



BVL Oberflächentechnik GmbH

Kostenloses E-Learning "Innovative Reinigungstechnik"

Are you focused on timely and high-quality maintenance? Or do you require cleaning for the production of your new railway components? Then our free speed webinar “Innovative cleaning technology” is right for you.

Learn more about different application options and the right cleaning solution in each case at our 60-minute speed webinar.



Dellner Couplers AB

How to prolong the life of the railway coupler system and make it safe up to the next overhaul period?

Carrying out customized condition assessment for overhaul can reduce cost to maintainers and result in improved fleet availability and longer life for the coupler system. Put Dellner to work for you to define a specific scope for overhaul based on real world data!



Güdel Germany GmbH

Güdel Competencies: Railway Handling Solutions

Learn more about Güdel railway solutions at the InnoTrans Preview. Join us for a dedicated webinar about our competencies in railway handling solutions.

As the industry knows, wheels and axles are the most demanding components of railways. Railway factories wants to produce as many as possible of these heavy weight products in very short times but facing huge challenges handling them between processes. Due to process and plant conditions considering handling of heavy weight, to automize the handling operations became mandatory since years. As Güdel we provide the systems to handle wheels, axles, wheelset, bogie and etc. precisely.

Webinar language: English


HARTING Deutschland GmbH&Co.KG

System concepts for the most important trends in the railway industry

Manufacturers of railway vehicles continuously try to reduce the energy consumption per passenger-kilometre driven. Weight reduction is one of the most important drivers in this respect, but this is just one of the major trends. In order to meet communication demands, rail vehicles need powerful networks and data interfaces which meet the special requirements of rail transport.




Keep the Distance and Manage Occupancy Rates

COVID-19 has changed the world of public transport. The demand for physical distance from both passengers and personnel is more important than ever. One proven means is using a passenger guidance system to get passengers to free spaces.

Learn how INIT’s MOBILEguide does pave the way towards proper crowd management in buses, light rail systems and train stations.



Klüber Lubrication München SE & Co. KG

Costs down, reliability up! How to reduce your maintenance work and costs with high-performance gear oils?

Our specialty: reduce maintenance costs

Special lubricants for trains show that seemingly small details can have sizeable effects - on reliability, on maintenance costs and hence also on cost efficiency over the whole life cycle. What matters in this context and how you can win the race for cost efficiency?


Lütze Transportation

Lütze Transportation GmbH

High performance Ethernet on existing vehicle wiring

The solution for Ethernet upgrades in refurbishment Projects

Whether video surveillance or passenger information, fast Ethernet connections have become essential in rail vehicles. Solutions are shown how these can be integrated in existing vehicles on the existing cabling, also via vehicle couplings.




Understanding FRMCS and how it can be the foundation for railway digitalization

Several railway operators are on the way to digitalization and automation of their railway operations, and they are already running special programs, such as Smart Rail 4.0, Digitale Schiene, DigiRail, etc. These programs allow future services to run even more reliably, increase capacity on the existing rail networks, improve safety for employees and optimize system costs. FRMCS, enabled by the latest mobile communication technology – 5G – plays a central role by not only replacing the legacy GSM-R communication system, but also by allowing the implementation of a broad range of new use cases, such as ATO, IoT and remote operation.



Optibus Ltd.

Electrifying Your Fleet - It's Not Just About The Hardware

Quite aside from the buses and charging stations, electrifying your fleet poses many complex scheduling challenges. Learn how to manage a gradual rollout of electric buses and what to do for a 100% EV fleet.

Scheduling is difficult, and EVs make it even harder. Here’s what you need to know for a smoother ride.

When planning for EV adoption, many transportation providers focus on electric buses, charging stations and other hardware. But scheduling is an essential part of electrifying your fleet, and must account for issues like how to build charging time into the schedule and how to accommodate multiple charging profiles and charging stations.




EC Certification of CCS Constituents and Sub-systems…

"... from Lab tests to ISA to NoBo and their applications in Europe and Asia

In the European Legislation there are several actors devoted to assessing, at different levels, the work carried out by the manufacturers of railway industry. ISA, DeBo, NoBo, AsBo and Independent Laboratories act, following different norms and laws, to obtain a common goal: the interoperability of the railway system within the Community. Interoperability includes Safety, Technical Compatibility, etc. and this is the rational that has required the definition of all the different independent Bodies. However, it’s quite common to see a single Company acting as ISA, NoBo, AsBo and DeBo whereas is not so common to see the same Company acting also as Independent Laboratory."



SICK Vertriebs-GmbH

Wayside track and train inspection and identification

In this online seminar various solutions based on different technologies for track / train inspection and identification will be described and discussed.



Siemens Mobility GmbH

Together strong - Alliance for Availability

Digital rail service solutions driving availability and performance

The world is increasingly digital – and so are our events! In this free virtual event, we will examine the impact of the digital transformation on railway industry, take deep dives into our digital customer service solutions, and much more.

Whether you are an operator, an industry insider, or simply interested in the topic: this virtual event is your chance to learn more about how availability and performance can be taken to the next level with digital customer service solutions.

Tüv Süd

Vemango GmbH

Webkonferenz Schiene 4.0

Gemeinsam mit unseren Partnern möchten wir Sie über innovative Entwicklungen im Bereich des Instandhaltungsmanagements informieren. Weitere Informationen entnehmen Sie bitte unserer Agenda.



Vollert Anlagenbau GmbH

So sorgen Sie für reibungslose Rangierprozesse im Gleisanschluss

Stück- und Schüttgut, Flüssigkeiten oder Gase wirtschaftlich und effizient zu verladen und rangieren, spielt heute eine wichtige Rolle in den innerbetrieblichen Logistikabläufen. Dabei muss alles zuverlässig und 'on time' ablaufen sowie den neuesten sicherheitstechnischen Vorschriften und Normen entsprechen, vor allem in Ex-Schutzbereichen, wie beispielsweise in der chemischen Industrie oder in Raffinerien.



Wirtschaftsförderung Land Brandenburg GmbH

InnoTrans Business Days - Online Business Talks & B2B Meetings

Take advantage now and make valuable contacts with Germany and abroad during our InnoTrans BUSINESS DAYS at the originally planned time frame of InnoTrans from 22 - 25 September 2020.

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+ + + Online - BUSINESS TALK + + +




Determine the exact personnel requirements in maintenance with BIG DATA

Unavailability, order peaks, shortage of skilled workers - the hurdles for productive processes in the maintenance of rail vehicles and rail infrastructure are diverse. It is all the more important to know your own personnel requirements.

We demonstrate how you can use Advanced Analytics in zedas®asset to analyze maintenance expenses and availabilities as well as create valuable forecasts - even without any prior knowledge of data analysis!