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New, newer, InnoTrans!

We present to you the world innovations from the transport technology sector: More than 250 exhibitors present their products at InnoTrans for the first time worldwide at a trade fair. Already before InnoTrans, all world innovations will be published in the World Innovation Guide. Journalists and trade visitors can experience the world innovations at first hand on the World Innovation Tours.

We will present a selection of world innovations to journalists on the exclusive World Innovation Press Tour which is due to take place after the International Press Circle.

Exhibitors presenting world innovations at InnoTrans are marked with the "World Premiere" button in the hall plans at InnoTrans Plus, the InnoTrans Guide and the app.

World Innovation Guide

We are publishing an exclusive World Innovation Guide to coincide with InnoTrans 2022. The guide presents world innovations from the five trade fair segments Railway Technology, Railway Infrastructure, Public Transport, Interiors and Tunnel Construction, which have never been seen before by trade visitors at any event.

The World Innovation Guide will be available in print during InnoTrans in the press center and at the trade press stands.

Already from the end of august you can download the world innovation guide here

World Premiere Button

World Innovation Tours

Trade visitors and journalists can experience world innovations at first hand during daily World Innovation Tours. Senior company representatives are at hand to welcome participants at stands, where they can discover everything about world premieres at InnoTrans. There is, of course, also the opportunity to ask questions.

In 2022 tours will be offered several times a day; include ten stops and last around 90 minutes. International trade visitors and journalists are provided with headsets for simultaneous translations into English. Every participant receives a hand-out summarizing the most important facts about the innovations viewed.

Tour registrations can be made via or during the trade fair daily from 9.00 a.m. at the Business Lounge Counter in the Marshall-Haus building.

World Innovation Tours


  • Tuesday, 20.09.2022, 1.00 p.m.
  • Wednesday, 21.09.2022, 10.00 a.m.
  • Thursday, 22.09.2022, 10.00 a.m.
  • Friday, 23.09.2022, 10.00 a.m.

Start: CityCube/South Entrance

Detailed information on the offered tours will soon be available on InnoTrans Plus

  • Tuesday, 20.09.2022, 1.00 p.m.
  • Wednesday, 21.09.2022, 10.00 a.m.
  • Thursday, 22.09.2022, 10.00 a.m.
  • Friday, 23.09.2022, 10.00 a.m.

Start: Hall 9

Detailed information on the offered tours will be available shortly on InnoTrans Plus

  • Tuesday, 20.09.2022, 3.30 p.m.
  • Wednesday, 21.09.2022, 3.00 p.m.
  • Thursday, 22.09.2022, 3.00 p.m.
  • Freitag, 23.09.2022, 1.00 p.m.

Start: Hall 9

Detailed information on the tours on offer will be available shortly on InnoTrans Plus

  • Tuesday, 20.09.2022, 3.30 p.m.
  • Wednesday, 21.09.2022, 3.00 p.m.
  • Thursday, 22.09.2022, 3.00 p.m.
  • Friday, 23.09.2022, 1.00 p.m.

Start: South Entrance/CityCube

Detailed information on the tours on offer will be available shortly on InnoTrans Plus

  • Tuesday, 20.09.2022, 3.30 p.m.
  • Wednesday, 21.09.2022, 3.00 p.m.
  • Thursday, 22.09.2022, 3.00 p.m.
  • Friday, 23.09.2022, 1.00 p.m.

Start: Passage Hall 20/21

Detailed information on the tours on offer will be available shortly on InnoTrans Plus

  • Tuesday, 20.09.2022, 1.00 p.m.
  • Wednesday, 21.09.2022, 10.00 a.m.
  • Thursday, 22.09.2022, 10.00 a.m.
  • Friday, 23.09.2022, 10.00 a.m.

Start: Marshall-Haus

Detailed information on the tours on offer will be available shortly on InnoTrans Plus

Selected World Innovations

Measure contact wire wear from the ground and record Data

Measure contact wire wear from the ground and record Data
Measurements instantaneously read on your smart phone ©4NRJ
Measure contact wire wear from the ground and record Data
Measurements made from the ground ©4NRJ

With its MFC® solution, Company 4NRJ reinvents the concept of contact wire wear measurement. This innovative setup allows an easy use and transportation. Only one or two operators required in the measurement process made from the ground. The electronic device MFC® is screwed on top of a dedicated insulated pole. Then, measurement cycles are launched with operator Smartphone. You can watch measurement made instantaneously. Recorded data can be exported to Excel and/or CSV files. Free App 4NRJ-MFC®can be downloaded in Play Store® (English, German versions). MFC® Kit includes a dedicated insulated pole, electronic device, self-monitoring, charging system, protection bag, end user guide and dynamic QR code. Easy use and easy transportation: gaining time and saving money.

France - Blois
Hall 5.2, Booth 270

Contact: Patrick Boissier, Key Account Manager France & Export
Phone: +33 6 14 69 36 69

Multilayer solutions improve performance and safety in the rail industry

Multilayer solutions improve performance and safety in the rail industry
Multilayer solutions for the rail industry. © ABB
Multilayer solutions improve performance and safety in the rail industry
For use in rolling stock applications. © ABB

Our new innovative railway engineering multilayer product line provides protection and safety for cables on intercarriage jumper connections, bogies, roof installations and under-carriage installations. For Under carriages and on bogies, the heavy-duty multilayer conduit XVCSF fromPA6. For static applications with excellent compression and impact strengths under all climatic conditions. Or the heavy-duty, over-extruded multilayer conduit JXPCSF, made from PA12. Suitable for dynamic and static applica-tions and reduced accumulation of ice. Together with PMA’s product range of fittings, accessories, further application-specific coduits and PMA TRUST™, the modular sup-port system for rail, offers PMA comprehensive and sustainable end-to-end cable protection solutions for the rail industry.

ABB Switzerland Ltd.
Switzerland – Uster
Hall 9., Booth 325

Contact: Customer Service PMA Cable Protection
Phone: +41 58 585 00 11

Solution for telecommunication signals recovery in trains

Solution for telecommunication signals recovery in trains
Invisible WaveThru™ technology © 2018 BAM

WaveThru™ technology is an innovative solution for recovering good signal coverage inside a vehicle with insulated glazing without any additional electronic equipment. A double-glazing coating reduces telecommunication signals by 30 dB, making it nearly impossible to reach passengers inside a vehicle. WaveThru™ uses unique laser technology to apply a specific treatment on the low-emissivity coating to recover up to 25dB of signal losses. It does not affect any essential glass characteristics, including optical and energetic specification, and is practically invisible to passengers as the laser engraved lines are 30 µm in width. The whole process of using WaveThru™ can be conducted directly on site, on already installed flat or curved glazing without removing it. As a result, the development time is significantly reduced.

AGC Glass Europe SA
Belgium – Louvain-la-Neuve
Hall 1.1, Booth 660

Contact: Adrien Thomas, Technical Coordinator
Phone: + 33 6 31437825

New EMC cable gland with “pluggable” shield contact

New EMC cable gland with “pluggable” shield contact
EMC cable gland EVolution EMC for high-voltage cables of commercial vehicles, ©AGRO AG
New EMC cable gland with “pluggable” shield contact
Novel EMC cable gland with high current carrying capacity and shielding effectiveness

At InnoTrans 2022, the Swiss cable gland specialist AGRO is presenting a new type of EMC-shielded cable connection system for electric or hybrid commercial vehicles and mobile machines. The EVolution EMC cable gland is designed for high-voltage cables with braided copper shields and cross-sections from 16 mm² to 120 mm². Its innovative pre-assembly process results in a robust and “pluggable” shield contact which can be easily and repeatedly pushed in and pulled out as required. It is suitable for temperatures from -40 °C to +140 °C, and offers protection in accordance with IP 68 (up to 5 bar) or IP 6K9K. It is available with short or long connection threads in sizes M20 to M32. Depending on the thread size, a current-carrying capacity of up to 195 A is achieved, with minimal temperature increase. At frequencies of between 30 MHz and 300 MHz, it offers shielding effectiveness of at least 86 dB.

Switzerland – Hunzenschwil/ Kaiser, Germany – Schalksmühle (Main Exhibitor)
Hall 15.1, Booth 290

Contact: Vivien Bienlein-Steffens, Marketing Manager
Phone: +49 2355 809-100

From closed loop to open loop payments

From closed loop to open loop payments
Bank Card tapping © Amco SA

AMCO provides the validators and back office for the project “Open payments system for 33 Greek city bus operators”, the first open-loop project in the country. AMCO is upgrading 2,500 validators that already have the hardware they need to accept open loop and just need additional firmware and software and they will continue to accept closed-loop Mifare cards, as well. The company’s back-office system will help enable interoperable fare capping among the 33 operators. Payments for other services, such as bike rentals, will follow when account-based ticketing is rolled out to the system. Benefits for the commuter: just a tap of the bank card for transit, Fare capping. Benefits for the environment: green mobility.

Amco SA
Greece – Athen
Hall 2.1, Booth 370

Contact: Nikos Martzoukos, Product Manager Smart Mobility Division
Phone: +30 2105907000

Customer information terminal with ticket sales

Customer information terminal with ticket sales
Latest generation cashless customer terminal Copyrigth: ©AMCON GmbH

AMCON presents new outdoor terminals that offer the function of dynamic passenger information, the integration of maps, information pages and third-party services, surveys and also ticket sales as paper or eTicket. There are two types of terminals. The 10-point multi-touch version and the touchless version. In the touchless version the user's hand movements are detected by sensors so the terminal can be used without touching it. The terminals also have a range of additional functions. In addition to the intuitive operation of the basic functions, terminal operators can access many other functions. Via the design editor they can define and design content and sales processes themselves. This allows transportation companies to react independently to short-term market requirements.

AMCON Software GmbH
Germany – Cloppenburg
Hall 2.1, Booth 560

Contact: Jasmin Bruns, Marketing Manager
Phone: +49 152 530 67 324

From lab to track

From lab to track
Corrosion Resistant Rails ©ArcelorMittal

ArcelorMittal continuously brings new solutions with breakthrough advantages for rail market, in order to increase service life of their rail. Initially developed by the research and development, at the Rail Excellence Centre, and tested in real track conditions. For tramway, ArcelorMittal’s low carbon vanadium grades solution provides better performance due the right combination of excellent wear resistance and good weldability for gauge corner restoration. The new family of corrosion resistant rails designed and tested under most extreme corrosion conditions in track, for more than three years, with an outstanding performance (double barrier that provides an extra protection); the product family includes an electrical insulation product specifically developed to reduce corrosion due to stray currents. The contribution with digital tool as new Rail Tool app with new functionalities like search by profile name, profile dimensions, and the possibility to compare several profiles. The tool will be more intuitive and allow the visualization of the different dimensions over the required profile.

Spain - Madrid
Hall 26, Booth 307

Contact: María José Sanchez, Marketing & Business Development Manager
Phone: +34 629 853 120

An innovative engineering approach to passenger safety

An innovative engineering approach to passenger safety
Rope type platform screen doors at Sofia Metro ©ATCO TRADE
An innovative engineering approach to passenger safety
Rope type platform screen doors at Sofia Metro ©ATCO TRADE

ATCO presents a world’s first full scale commercial project applying a new concept of large spans Korean technology of rope type platform screen doors with vertical opening. That extremely flexible and low energy consumption system allows operation with any type of train at any station, without practical restriction of stopping locations and ranges. Having successfully passed various endurance tests in different countries of the World, it was installed in twelve stations of the Sofia Metro in Bulgaria for operating three different train type and size configurations. The system has proven highest possible digitalized reliability, availability, maintainability and passenger safety, preventing platform accidents and non-authorized track access. Incomparable system advantage is the light and risk-free wire structure allowing for easier emergency escape under power failure or fire situation.

Bulgaria – Sofia
Hall 7.1a, Booth 350

Contact: Simeon Evtimov, Marketing Expert
Phone: +359 29789008

AI-driven mobility and reward app Tokyo Nudge

AI-driven mobility and reward app Tokyo Nudge
AI platform to incentivise sustainable travel and modal shift in Tokyo © East Japan Railway Company

East Japan Railway Company (JR East), one of the world’s largest public transport operators, launched in collaboration with Axon Vibe the Tokyo Nudge App to incentivize sustainable travel, reward modal-shift and improve customer satisfaction through a personalised user experience. Using Axon Vibe’s AI-driven mobility and contextual marketing platform, JR East can reward loyal customers and sweeten disruptions with a free drink or snack from Becks’ Coffee Shop and New Days; prevalent JR East retailers in and around Tokyo train stations. These contextual incentives — triggered by customers’ location, context, and travel intents — achieve industry-high conversion rates and increased purchases, resulting in greater revenue for JR East's Lifestyle Business and helping them to achieve their lifestyle Sservice business growth vision.

Axon Vibe AG
Switzerland – Luzern
Hall 7.1c, Booth 430

Contact: Roman Oberli, CEO
Phone: +41 79 544 33 69

Train Autonomous Control System

Train Autonomous Control System
Figure 1 - System Composition Diagram © Beijing HollySys Co., Ltd.

The system is train-centric, wireless communication based, with train-to-train communication and intelligent sensing technology, consists of central control equipment, wayside equipment and on-board equipment. Data communication, remote control and intelligent maintenance among units are realized by network. The VOBC generates MA request based on location profile, speed profile of downstream trains, operation commands and wayside resource status, and sends maneuver requests within the MA limit to wayside OC (executes the maneuver commands and feeds back results). Then, VOBC calculates MA based on resource status related to the MA and performs resource lock and release subsequently. By employing this new generation of train control systems, benefits earn for customers are higher transport capacity, higher operational availability and lower operation costs.

Beijing HollySys Co. Ltd.
China - Beijing
Hall 6.1, Booth 280

Contact: Gloria Guan, Hong Kong & P.R. China Representative
Phone: +86 1058981000

Cleaning of freshwater systems on trains

Cleaning of freshwater systems on trains
RWR device for wastewater systems © Bio-Circle Surface Technology GmbH

It’s often hard to know what to do when it comes to effectively and hygienically preventing and removing impurities such as limescale, biofilms and corrosion from freshwater pipes and containers. Because inadequate care not only affects water quality and water pressure, but also the durability of the pipes and containers. Bio-Circle’s RWR 500 DB-F SPS pipe and tank cleaning device, in combination with the Power Cleaner DB cleaning fluid, provides a remedy. The device is made entirely of stainless steel and has been designed especially for the decalcification and hygienic cleaning of freshwater systems on trains. Further key features of the RWR are the PLC, the simple and safe handling (without dismantling the parts to be cleaned), the effective cleaning in a short time, and the mobility of the device.

Bio-Circle Surface Technology GmbH
Germany – Gütersloh
Hall 8.1, Booth 480

Contact: Mirela Cindric, Media & PR-Contact
Phone: +49 5241 9443 923

Strong heating and cooling performance

Strong heating and cooling performance
Complete package: SPEEDLITE ELV52 © Bitzer

Mobile air conditioning and heat pump systems in buses and rail vehicles come with their own set of challenges. All of these factors, such as space requirements, weight and efficiency, have a direct effect on operating costs, extended range (busses) and future-proofing. BITZER analysed customer requirements and tailored the SPEEDLITE ELV52 compressor precisely to them. Designed especially for electric buses and rail vehicles, the scroll compressor was developed with a focus on high efficiency, compactness, low weight and low sound levels. With its wide speed range, it can adapt to any operating conditions for consistently strong heating and cooling performance. The scroll compressor is designed to be compatible with a variety of refrigerants, including low-GWP and natural refrigerants such as R290, making it highly future-proof.

BITZER Kühlmaschinenbau GmbH
Germany – Sindelfingen
Hall 3.1, Booth 680

Contact: Stefanie Holst, Head of Public Relations
Phone: +49 151 58058775

No compromises

No compromises
Blasting robot with separate control cabin © Blastman Robotics
No compromises
Gantry-type manlift © Blastman Robotics

Blastman Robotics has developed a blasting robot with a quick-coupling device that allows to replace the control cabin by a manlift. In addition to fully automatic series production, it can also be used for single and special components or workpieces for which no CAD data is available with the help of the control cabin in manipulator mode. If some undercuts or shad-ow areas of the component are not reached by the robot, the control cabin can be disconnected from the telescope of the gantry bridge and replaced by a manlift for manual blasting work. Since this manlift reaches every an-gle of the blasting chamber thanks to the gantry bridge and the rotating telescope, it can also be used very efficiently for inspection and quality control without the need for additional lifting platforms or costly scaffolds.

Blastman Robotics Ltd.
Germany – Düsseldorf
Hall 6.2a, Booth 365

Contact: Heiko Reski, Sales Manager
Phone: +49 1573 6603872

TC10 material spreader

TC10 material spreader
Blend TC10 discharges sand for cable covering ©Blend Plants - FBG srl
TC10 material spreader
Blend TC10 works on railway ©Blend Plants - FBG srl

The Blend TC10 material spreader has been designed to be the simplest and the most functional machine to pour material along the side of railways. The TC10 is equipped with an aggregate hopper to store the material, easily loaded from above. The vibrators on the side of the aggregate hopper ensure the material arrives evenly onto the discharge belt which discharges the material laterally on either side of the machine as it moves along the rails. One of the main advantages is to be able to discharge material continuously while the machine is moving. The TC10 is capable of transporting and distributing sand and gravel for filling cable channels from signals or other electrical lines along the side of the track, or for making emergency walkways. Blend Plants was able to develop this unit with the experience gained from their customers already using Blend mobile railway mixing plants, and the TC10 is another example of Blend Plant’s ability in developing customized new projects.

Blend Plants - FBG srl
Italy - Rodengo Saiano
Hall Outdoor Displays, Booth T03/55 – O4/55

Contact: Sara Fausti, Marketing Manager
Phone: +39 0307 689 730

Ultralight innovative BVV wheelset for low-floor Trams and LRVs

Ultralight innovative BVV wheelset for low-floor Trams and LRVs
New wheelset with independently rotating wheels © 2022 Bochumer Verein Verkehrstechnik GmbH

Bochumer Verein Verkehrstechnik GmbH has developed a low-floor wheelset for normal-gauge trams and light rail vehicles for wheelset loads of up to 13.5 t which is particularly lightweight and reduces maintenance costs. The wheelset is 30 percent lighter than a conventional wheelset. The characteristics include quiet hybrid wheels and an inverted portal axle with edge layer treatment, designed to facilitate inspection. The ultralight innovative BVV wheelset with independently rotating wheels thus makes an important contribution to environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and economically viable local public transport. The whole thing is, of course, constructed with a modular system so that the customer can assemble the components of the wheelset in accordance with the preferred characteristics. The associated developments can also be transferred to other wheelset concepts.

Bochumer Verein Verkehrstechnik GmbH
Germany – Bochum
Hall 21, Booth 54

Contact: Kirsten Rohde, Marketing and Communication
Phone: +49 234 6891-0

Function Integrated Multilayer System (FIMS)

Function Integrated Multilayer System (FIMS)
Interior Parts by hybrid construction from the stairwell of a train © Compren GmbH

Energy consumption in local rail transportation is primarily determined by frequent acceleration and deceleration. The focus is therefore on developing significantly lighter vehicles. The combination of thermoplastic lightweight cores or fiber-reinforced plastics, metallic thin sheets and sensor technology to form function-integrating lightweight elements allows significant weight reduction with added functional value. The hybrid multilayer composites developed have high specific strength and stiffness properties with significantly reduced manufacturing times. The process-integrated manufacturing approach also permits the material-compatible integration of sensor technology and functional elements. By means of function-integrative sensor technology in the composite, concepts can be implemented for localization, material-specific monitoring of the production or the operating state. The FIMS also allows the use of welding and soldering technologies for component integration.

Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus-Senftenberg
Germany – Cottbus
Hall B City Cube, Booth 210

Contact: Sebastian Fritzsche, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg
Phone: +49 355 69 3138

The innovative building block for the punctuality of tomorrow's railways

The innovative building block for the punctuality of tomorrow's railways
BREUER – AI based condition monitoring © BREUER

BREUER-Artemis is a digital monitoring system for condition monitoring of points as critical elements of the railway infrastructure. Thanks to the innovative sensor system, measure-ment data about the condition of the points can be recorded and evaluated in a previously unavailable level of detail. The solar powered and reaction free monitoring system is based on the most modern technology to communicate with the backend. The central BREUER AI component makes use of the monitoring data to determine the monitoring targets’ forecast horizons for error disclosure. Malfunctions at the monitored points are detected early, maintenance measures can be carried out predictively and within the optimum time frame. Thus, the maintenance effort is reduced, the service life of the monitored points is im-proved, and rail traffic becomes safer and more punctual.

BREUER Nachrichtentechnik GmbH
Germany – Bonn
Hall 23, Booth 145

Contact: Uwe Urban, Business Development
Phone: +49 228 444 708 80

VUBS2000/S – Train wheel balancing machine

VUBS2000/S – Train wheel balancing machine
3D example of balancing machine Copyright CEMB
VUBS2000/S – Train wheel balancing machine
Picture for checking of central hole Copyright CEMB

CEMB is supplying balancing machines to the railway market that are capable of satisfying the requirements in an accurate and reliable way. The technical solutions provided enable to exceed results currently achievable in the market. CEMB’s balancing machines are fully equipped with a wheel self-centring chuck, hydraulic lift for loading and unloading and marking system. CEMB’s model of the automatic balancing machine for train wheels VUBS2000/S is provided with automatic check of perpendicularity and of the central hole run out.
These automatic run out and marking devices are installed on anthropomorphic robots.

Italy – Mandello del Lario
Hall 22, Booth 515

Contact: Valeria Gatti, Commercial Department
Phone: +39 0341 706284

Realise the Data Driven Railway

Realise the Data Driven Railway
Maximise the benefits of smart technology © Leyn/
Realise the Data Driven Railway
Example SiYtE dashboard © Purple Transformation Group

Cisco is working with Network Rail to address real-world challenges with smart technology as part of the Train and Station Innovation for Performance (TSIP) initiative. This innovative project can help Network Rail deliver on their vision of a Data Driven Railway – focusing not just on solution testing, but also building the business case and service that will make deployment viable. TSIP delivers outcomes to various use case scenarios to enhance safety and security, customer experience, sustainability, and operational efficiency. One of the first innovative solutions from TSIP is the SiYtE platform. SiYtE utilises Vision and IOT analytics to aggregate and visualise metadata from smart devices. This provides actionable insights which improves confidence to support organisational transformation.

Cisco Systems, Inc.
USA - San José
Hall 7.1B, Booth 230

Contact: Danny Vivenzio, Global Communications Specialist
Phone: +1 919 392 5185

The CLEARSY safety computer is certified to SIL4 level

The CLEARSY safety computer is certified to SIL4 level
CLEARSY Safety Platform Copyright: CLEARSY SAS
The CLEARSY safety computer is certified to SIL4 level
Clearsy Safety Platform : The SIL4 calculator (as a daughter board) Copyright: CLEARSY SAS

Die CLEARSY SAFETY PLATFORM ist eine Lösung für die Entwicklung sicherheitskritischer Systeme, die die SIL4-Anforderungen der CENELEC-Normen EN50126:2017, EN50128:2011, EN50129:2018 erfüllen müssen. Das generische SIL4-Zertifikat der Lösung wird direkt in die globale Sicherheitsakte des Systems integriert. Auf diese Weise können kritische SIL4-Anwendungen leicht entwickelt und zertifiziert werden, und zwar in einem flexiblen Rahmen, der dank des vorzertifizierten Basiscomputers völlige Freiheit bei den spezifischen Aspekten der Anwendung ermöglicht. Die Basisprozessorkarte ist so konzipiert, dass sie als "Basissicherheitsprozessor" in jede Art von Sicherheitssystem integriert werden kann. Sichere Programme werden dann sicher entwickelt, indem man einfach die Toolsuite verwendet und sich an den Sicherheitsleitfaden hält.

Clearsy SAS
France – Aix en Provence
Hall 27, Booth 301

Contact: Thierry Servat, CEO
Phone: +33 4 42 37 12 70

Autonomous shuttle fleet part of regular urban transport operation as of 2023

Autonomous shuttle fleet part of regular urban transport operation as of 2023
Ridepooling goes autonomous © Mobileye

In Germany, the world's first autonomous shuttle fleet will be part of regular public transport operation from 2023. With vehicles in autonomous level 4, which will be integrated into the existing service of the RMV in Darmstadt and the Offenbach district. CleverShuttle will take over the operations for the local partners Heag mobilo and kvgOF. The on-demand shuttles create a public transport fit to the needs of the passengers. CleverShuttle will be responsible for procurement of the autonomous vehicles, data-based demand forecasting, deployment planning and intelligent traffic control. The company has already demonstrated its ability to successfully introduce new mobility offerings in the past, and in 2014 was the first provider to bring on-demand ridepooling to German roads

CleverShuttle GHT Mobility GmbH
Germany - Berlin
Hall 71c, Booth 210

Contact: Cordula Funk, Senior Public Affairs Manager
Phone: +49 176 466 72 644

Dynamic timetable with smart additional features

Dynamic timetable with smart additional features
LEADER4DiLoc as an integral element of the split screen © CN-Consult GmbH

DiLoc|Sync is setting a new course with its new developed dynamic timetable display featuring integrated journey recommendations. The new features are delivered through LEADER4DiLoc, an energy-saving driver assistance system for mobile end devices, developed and operated by partners Knorr-Bremse Systeme für Schienenfahrzeuge GmbH and CN-Consult GmbH for the European rail transport market. This driver assistance system provides valuable support to operators, enabling them to achieve high levels of energy efficiency by taking the timetable, topography and, ideally, current traffic into account. The next-generation timetable will also be equipped with a host of other useful features, enabling users to access information on train runnings, tracks and stations with just a few clicks.

CN-Consult GmbH
Germany – Mittenaar
Hall 2.1, Booth 840

Contact: Wolfgang Schüttler, Produktmanager DiLoc|Sync
Phone: +49 151 24058882

New ballast for sustainable rail infrastructure

New ballast for sustainable rail infrastructure
Pilot test in Caldes de Malavella, Girona, Spain ©COMSA Corporación

Neoballast is a sustainable ballast solution with advanced properties consisting of conventional ballast aggregates coated with an advanced binder and end-of-life tyre powder. This new material has a longer life span, requires less maintenance, provides better performance in terms of noise and vibration insulation, maintains the same laying and permeability of conventional ballast and provides better energy dissipation and load distribution which, in turn, allows for a reduction in the thickness of the ballast layer. All in all, Neoballast achieves a 20 percent saving in the life cycle cost of the infrastructure. COMSA and MAPEI are leading this project through the company Neoballast, S.L.

COMSA Corporación
Spain - Barcelona
Hall 22, Booth 720

Contact: Antonio Galindo, Project Manager at R&D Department
Phone: +34 648 146 203

Motor data as diagnostic tool – anticipate and prevent breakdowns

Motor data as diagnostic tool – anticipate and prevent breakdowns
Direct current brushless servomotor © Crouzet SAS

The DriveOn project aims at embedding extra connectivity and intelligence in Crouzet’s brushless motors. The use of integrated sensors combined with artificial intelligence enables Crouzet motors to perform self-diagnosis in order to prevent failures and improve the railway systems reliability rate. Predictive maintenance allows increased reliability and a reduction in breakdowns by alerting operators even before failure. Thanks to its central position within the actuators and equipment (train doors, access ramps, barriers etc), the motor becomes a diagnostic tool within a more complex system. The DriveOn project is therefore a concrete response to challenges in the rail market, reducing breakdowns and increasing operational efficiency.

Crouzet SAS
France – Valence Cedex 9
Hall 27, Booth 800

Contact: Philippe Defrance, International Segment Manager
Phone: +33 6 79 97 68 50

Easy. Safe. Ril compliant.

Easy. Safe. Ril compliant.
BLITZDUCTORconnect: complies with DB guidelines © Quelle DEHN SE
Easy. Safe. Ril compliant.
Features at a glance © Quelle DEHN SE

The compact, modular BLITZDUCTORconnect combined arrester protects signalling, control and telecommunication systems against lightning currents and surges, and ensures fast signal and data transmission for maximum availability of railway systems like interlockings, level crossings or telecommunication. Features include non-interaction, remote monitoring and optical status detection. With its low protection level, the 6 mm-wide pluggable arrester reliably protects two signal wires against transient overvoltages. Different versions cover a wide range of railway requirements, e.g. signal circuits up to SIL level 4. In combination with DEHN Type 1 and Type 2 arresters, interference voltages occurring in the railway environment are safely controlled. BLITZDUCTORconnect complies with Deutsche Bahn guidelines. The condition monitoring is easily integrated into the DB signalling concept.

Germany – Neumarkt
Hall 21, Booth 320

Contact: Lothar Gmelch, Business Development Manager Rail Technology
Phone: +49 9181 906 1750

Sensing with Care: DILAX SLS-1000

Sensing with Care: DILAX SLS-1000
Live occupancy, object recognition Copyright: DILAX Intelcom GmbH
Sensing with Care: DILAX SLS-1000
DILAX SLS-1000: Sensing with Care Copyright: DILAX Intelcom GmbH

DILAX, the specialist for APC systems, is the first to use the innovative Structured Light Technology for a new generation of counting sensors. The DILAX SLS-1000 counts all boardings and alightings in a vehicle with the utmost precision–even in extreme lighting conditions. At the same time, it detects objects that passengers are travelling with, such as bicycles or wheelchairs. The patented and certified sensor achieves a counting accuracy of 99 percent (according to VDV 457) and meets the highest data protection standards through Privacy by Design. The DILAX SLS-1000 is very flexible in terms of installation and quickly ready for use thanks to rapid calibration. With artificial intelligence, the sensor can learn to count additional object classes. Accurate passenger counts in real time and usage analyses enable operators to developed sustainable urban mobility in public transport based on actual passenger demand.

DILAX Intelcom GmbH
Germany - Berlin
Hall 2.1, Booth 450

Contact: Sarah Kuhwald, Marketing Manager
Phone: +49 151 62360218

Autonomous mobility with ropeways

Autonomous mobility with ropeways
Autonomous ropeway integrated into the urban transport network Copyright: Doppelmayr Seilbahnen

AURO ropeways from Doppelmayr operate with unmanned stations. They are equipped with intelligent integrated technology. Cameras and sensors ensure smooth processes and monitor the installation – particularly cabin loading and unloading. The system independently identifies situations that deviate from “normal operation”. If, for instance, a passenger’s shoe becomes caught in the door, the system reacts immediately and the installation automatically shuts down. It is restarted by a ropeway operative who has an overview of operations from the Ropeway Operation Center (ROC). AURO ropeways are set to provide huge benefits in cities, where they are seamlessly integrated into the transport infrastructure – thanks to their barrier-free access, reliability and efficiency in operation and maintenance.

Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH
Austria – Wolfurt
Hall 2.2, Booth 450

Contact: Reinhard Fitz, International Business Development
Phone: +43 5574 604 468

High speed railway turnout

High speed railway turnout
High-speed turnout in Prosenice, the Czech Repubic © DT - Vyhybkarna a strojírna, a.s.

The Czech company DT - Výhybkárna a strojírna specializes in the supply of switches and crossings, especially for railways and urban rails. In recent years, development has also focused on high-speed switches and crossings in connection with the planned construction of high speed lines in the Czech Republic. A high-speed turnout has been developed that allows speeds of up to 350 kph in the main line and up to 160 kph in the branch line. The geometry is characterised by the use of transition curves to eliminate abrupt changes of cant deficiency. The turnout also incorporates other innovative features such as a movable frog laid in a cast frame made from bainitic steel and hydraulic actuation, locking and detection systems. In 2020, two turnouts were installed in the railway track in the Czech Republic, where they are being tested by Czech Railways. The turnout type is known as J60-1:33,5-4000/8000/14000-PHS.

DT – Vyhybkarna a strojírna, a.s.
Czech Republic – Prostějov
Hall 25, Booth 210

Contact: Zdenek Millek, Sales-Technical Manager
Phone: +420725777199

Launch In Mechanical Mode, beyond obstructions

Launch In Mechanical Mode, beyond obstructions
Powered by kinetic energy of wheels © Elpa d.o.o.
Launch In Mechanical Mode, beyond obstructions
Designed against vandalism © Elpa d.o.o.

LIMbo – Launch In Mechanical Mode, beyond obstructions – is a mechanical drive for trackside devices for railway friction management, 100 percent independent of electricity. Designed against vandalism and ideal where other energy sources are unavailable: tunnels, remote railways, locations with insufficient sun or wind exposure, for example. Patented solution exploits kinetic energy of the passing wheels of trains for stable functioning of the pumping and mixing systems of the trackside device. It enables application of most demanding friction balancing agents (over 40 percent of solid particles). The solution requires reservoir refilling only two to three times a year. Maintenance costs are negligible. When combined with the underground installation of the main unit, the solution is well hidden and protected against theft and vandalism. Even with 100 percent mechanical drive, a remote-control option is enabled.

Elpa d.o.o.
Slovenia – Velenje
Hall 22, Booth 420

Contact: Darja Goltnik, Director
Phone: +386 31 382 338

Depot protection system with facial recognition

Depot protection system with facial recognition
Brand new HMI screen with facial recognition technology © Emeg Group Ltd.
Depot protection system with facial recognition
SafeNet™ PADS-approved automatic derailer and warning lights © Emeg Group Ltd.

The safeNet™ Depot Protection System (DPS) protects personnel from the dangers presented by trains in operation on a live depot by ensuring vehicle movements are detected and controlled with no risk to staff. A complete turnkey product, safeNet™ is fully customisable and incorporates industry-leading features, such as bespoke software, automatic derailer, intelligent PLC controller, individual data keys and a visual and audible warning system. Premiering at InnoTrans 2022, safeNet™ will be on display with its fully redesigned user interface. As well as exceeding the safety integrity requirements of SIL 2, safeNet™ is the world's first DPS with integrated facial recognition technology. The safeNet™ automatic derailer system is Network Rail PADS-approved, making it a true best-in-class depot safety solution.

Emeg Group Ltd
United Kingdom – Chesterfield
Hall 6.2, Booth 710

Contact: Ryan Pickard, Sales Manager EMEA
Phone: +44 7376 139 460

Comprehensive dynamic passenger information system

Comprehensive dynamic passenger information system
Structure of AWIA SDIP system © ENTE Sp. z o.o.

AWIA SDIP® is a modern solution that combines various onboard systems used in public transport vehicles. It integrates subsystems handling personnel identification, dynamic driver timetables, voice announcements, passenger information and advertising, as well as video surveillance. AWIA SDIP® uses proprietary algorithms based on artificial intelligence, enabling the detection of flares between the overhead contact line and the pantograph contact strip, passenger flow prediction that makes it possible to provide sufficient rolling stock to handle current transport needs and automatic route planning integrated with timetables. It also uses state-of-the-art microprocessor units to minimise current requirements and low-energy EINK display modules.

ENTE Sp. z o.o.
Poland – Gliwice
Hall 7.1b, Booth 200

Contact: Alina Wojtas, Partnership Specialist
Phone: +48 32 33 82 200

SAMIRA – the smart rear view camera for shunting units

SAMIRA – the smart rear view camera for shunting units
SAMIRAmobile attached to coupling interface © Pölöskey/ARIC
SAMIRA – the smart rear view camera for shunting units
Augmented reality image © Pfaff

In shunting operations, groups of wagons are frequently pushed. This requires either two persons to occupy the locomotive and the first wagon or one person with remote control, combined with considerable walking times. The Shunting Assistant and Monitoring Interface for Rail Applications (SAMIRA) helps to safely push shunting groups in single-person operation without walking times. For this purpose, a battery-operated mobile unit equipped with camera, lidar and radar is attached to the first wagon. The video stream, which is enriched with extensive information, is transmitted from the first wagon to the drivers’ cab via a Wifi mesh. In this way, the driving personnel can remain in the drivers’ cab and safely handle shunting movements without walking times or a second person.

FH Aachen
Germany – Aachen
Hall 2.2, Booth 410

Contact: Prof. Dr. Raphael Pfaff, Projektleiter FH Aachen
Phone: +49 151-70052454

Stainless Steel Valves for CO2-transport

Stainless Steel Valves for CO2-transport
RAILTYT Stainless Steel Y-pattern valve © Fort Vale Engineering Ltd.
Stainless Steel Valves for CO2-transport
RAILTYT Stainless Steel Discharge Assembly © Fort Vale Engineering Ltd.

In December 2019 the European Commission presented it’s “Green Deal” with the objective of becoming the first carbon neutral continent by 2050. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) has been cited as a net-zero compliant economic activity and will also make a significant contribution to climate change mitigation. Although the existing gas pipe network could be modified for CO2 transportation, rail freight will have to play its part to add logistical flexibility. Our innovative new full Stainless Steel gas wagon equipment puts Fort Vale in a unique position to help Europe achieve these climate goals. The set consists of bottom valves (liquid and gas phase), Y pattern valves and hydraulic pump. Fort Vale’s “RAILTYT” wagon equipment range also includes manways and valves for liquid tanks.

Fort Vale Engineering Ltd.
United Kingdom – Burnley
Hall 8.1, Booth 420

Contact: Ton Stam, European Sales Manager, Stand Manager
Phone: +31 6 28564800

Cleartrak – The Future State of the Art for Train Toilets

Cleartrak – The Future State of the Art for Train Toilets
Cleartrak in service © GBR-Rail Ltd
Cleartrak – The Future State of the Art for Train Toilets
Cleartrak Unit © GBR-Rail Ltd

Cleartrak, a GBR-Rail Ltd innovation, is the future state of the art for train toilets. In a landscape where whole life costs and environmental impact need minimising to establish Rail as the public transport of choice for future generations, Cleartrak cuts the waste out of rail operations. Recycling liquid waste for reuse and processing solid waste into an inert biochar, emptied without specialist infrastructure once every six weeks, takes hazardous toilet maintenance out of the depot schedule and waste out of the sewage network. The same size as a controlled emission tank, it can be easily retrofitted and either underslung or fitted internally. Cleartrak contributes to lightweighting the train, mitigates stored water hygiene risks, reduces resource consumption and CO2e emissions. Cleartrak is a cleaner, greener system that can pay for itself in under three years.

GBR-Rail Ltd.
United Kingdom – Rotherham
Hall 6.2, Booth 320

Contact: Ginny Truslove, Stand Manager
Phone: +44 7876 224300

Bus and train seats rethought

Bus and train seats rethought
Ubility One for buses and trains © GRAMMER AG

It was developed with a focus on people and their utilization profiles in public transport: Grammer's new Ubility One product family for bus and train seats considered passenger flows and occupied interior zones. The Ubility Air, a lightweight seat in twinsheet technology, was designed for passengers on medium and longer distances: the outer and inner shells form a stable, comfortable structure with air chambers and a total weight of only 4 kg. Usable without conversion in both directions of travel is the ultra-lightweight Ubility Light, for interior zones with high fluctuation: its aluminum frame is covered with a durable knitted fabric, and the lower cross member with foam pad acts as a seat surface. The Ubility Shift offers the next-generation solution around entry and exit: padded, body-high supports to lean on, grab handles, and clever kinematics to extend a small seat surface.

Germany – Ursensollen
Hall 1.1, Booth 610

Contact: Timo Bauer, Vice President PMS Rail &Road
Phone: +49 9621 666487

PIXY 1000 – The next generation HMI

PIXY 1000 – The next generation HMI
PIXY and PAD 1000 – The powerful overall package ©HaslerRail

The PIXY-1000 with its corresponding Application Designer (PAD-1000) is a highly innovative overall package for driver’s cab visualizations, which is particularly suitable for diagnostic, TCMS and ETCS applications. Thanks to the PAD-1000 software tool, the time to market can be drastically reduced as the tool enables fast and intuitive creation of software applications without programming knowledge. Compared to conventional programming, the customer saves both time and money. Additionally, applications developed with PAD-1000 can be modified and extended easily. PIXY-1000 together with PAD-1000 forms a powerful alliance with great added value for the industry. The high performance and flexible portfolio serves all needs of the market. It comes with various display sizes, resolutions and supports all field bus interfaces.

HaslerRail AG
Switzerland – Bern
Hall 9, Booth 230

Contact: Markus Koller, Teamleader Sales & Business Development
Phone: +41 79 899 60 57

Level crossing made of high-quality recycled rubber

Level crossing made of high-quality recycled rubber
ELTECPUR® rail level crossing type Multipart © HET Elastomertechnik GmbH
Level crossing made of high-quality recycled rubber
Safe driving over rails © HET Elastomertechnik GmbH

At the InnoTrans 2022 we will present, among other things, the ELTECPUR® rail level crossing type Multipart made of high-quality recycled rubber. HET GmbH already began developing and producing its ELTECPUR® rail track crossing systems for railroads and streetcars back in 2005. During that time HET GmbH succeeded in obtaining the approval of the Slovakian state-owned rail company. In 2015, HET GmbH developed a new ELTECPUR® rail track crossing system containing numerous innovative elements. The level crossing system is approved by SNCF in France and PKP in Poland. The level crossing is currently in the approval phase with DB AG in Germany and SBB in Switzerland. The newly developed solution is an elastic level crossing comprised of individual modules. The modules are installed in sandwich construction and can be mounted and dismantled manually.

HET Elastomertechnik GmbH
Germany – Wiesbaden
Hall 26, Booth 410

Contact: Christian Färber-Frottier, COO
Phone: +49 611 504029-10

Pathbreaking steering system for high-capacity buses

Pathbreaking steering system for high-capacity buses
High-Capacity-Bus with innovative steering-system ©HÜBNER GmbH & Co. KG

The HÜBNER Group (Kassel) has developed a mobility solution that combines the advantages of trams and buses in an innovative and cost-effective way: a modular steering system for high-capacity buses up to 36 metres long (up to 300 passengers). This creates a "tram on rubber wheels" – with intelligent axles that enable safe road performance and a high level of comfort. Compared to previous systems, high-capacity buses with HÜBNER steering system are significantly more cost-efficient and quicker to deploy, as they drive on the road and do not require a rail network. Another advantage is that pre-developed system components allow individual vehicle concepts to be flexibly integrated into the infrastructure of growing cities. The use in two-directional operation and a connection to interfaces for autonomous driving are considered.

Germany - Kassel
Hall Outdoor Display/0, Booth 22

Contact: Claas Michaelis, PR Manager
Phone: +49 172 5664426

Faster and safer switching of rail contact line

Faster and safer switching of rail contact line
Installation of the Hughes’ air break switch ©Hughes Power System AB
Faster and safer switching of rail contact line
Dual installation of the motor operator ©Hughes Power System AB

Hughes Power System, Sweden, EOA600 motor mechanism is intended for remote operating of air break switches in Rail/Tram contact line systems. The EOA 600 contains a totally independent bi-stable safety remote locking device that mechanically locks an air break switch operating rod and securely turns off all electric drive functions. With this function, the railway service men are not required to personally pad-lock the remote-controlled air break switches before a contact line work. To save time, everything is done by remote from the contact line SCADA control centre by two totally independent remote-controlled systems. This functionality gives dual safety to the railway service men, saves time in the operation, minimizes the down time and the number of personnel in the contact line. The product is implemented together with Hughes air break switches by the Swedish railway administration, Trafikverket, on their 15 kV 16.7 Hz contact line networks.

Hughes Power System AB
Sweden – Nättraby
Hall 26, Booth 505

Contact: Natalia Lee, Marketing Manager
Phone: +46 470 542 000

Underimpedance summing protection function (21SUM)

Underimpedance summing protection function (21SUM)
(21SUM) protects catenaries with parallel feeding ©ICE SAS 2022

The new (21SUM) protection function has been designed to allow a new electrotechnical scheme for railway infrastructure. Relays with this new function can protect catenaries which are fed in parallel from a unique transformer. The main problem with parallel feeding is that, in case of some faults on the catenary, the current value seen by each relay is too low to enable a trip sequence. The (21SUM) protection function allows each relay to monitor the real current value of the fault. Based on the IEC 61850-9-2 sampled values, each catenary relay exchanges, in real time with all the others, the current value passing through its sensor. It then allows every protection relay to sum up each current from every other relays, to correctly calculates the real total impedance value and be able to initiate a trip.

France – Alfortville
Hall 11.2, Booth 270

Contact: Fabien Lambergeon, Marketing & Innovation Manager
Phone: +33 6 60 62 53 32

Efficient brake testing unit for the use in marshalling yards

Efficient brake testing unit for the use in marshalling yards
BPG Gz 3 / Pz 3 ©Industrie-Partner GmbH
Efficient brake testing unit for the use in marshalling yards
BPG on a signal foundation © Industrie-Partner GmbH

The brake testing unit BPG Gz 3 / Pz 3 from Industrie-Partner substitutes a locomotive when checking train brakes. It was developed after a guideline of DB Netz AG and also licensed in 2021. It is only 100mm deep and fits also into narrow spaces between tracks. It can be installed on a signal foundation or a temporary foundation which makes civil engineering not necessary. The BPG takes over functions like filling, adjusting, leak checking, pulling on brake and releasing brake reliable. Moreover the BPG Gz 3 / Pz 3 offers a smart browser based remote control. Thus you can operate and document the brake test with a normal internet connection without the need of an additional app or software.

Industrie-Partner GmbH
Germany – Coswig, An der Walze 11
Hall 23, Booth 870

Contact: Christoph Krahl, Vertriebsleiter IP RailEquipment
Phone: +49 3523-8310

Next level of passenger information

Next level of passenger information
System for disruption management and passenger information © INIT

RESPONSEassist, INIT’s revolutionary multi-channel passenger information and incident management system offers instantly available passenger information on all channels with just a few clicks. The semi-automated system integrates dispatch, passenger information and operational documentation processes and supports the work in the control center in a completely new way. It allows dispatchers to process incidents more efficiently through a form-based process with a predefined recommended course of action based on the company’s standard operating procedures. At the same time, it complies with operational reporting requirements. In addition, it can generate and send precise and consistent passenger information – largely automated by means of templates and meta information – with one click across all channels.

Germany – Karlsruhe
Hall 2.1, Booth 440

Contact: Andrea Mohr-Braun, Marketing Director
Phone: +49 721 6100 113

Train server with railway certification for AI applications

Train server with railway certification for AI applications
DLU-110 - High-performance on-board computer ©INTERAUTOMATION Deutschland GmbH

As an IoT-edge device the Deep Learning Unit (DLU-110) has the necessary railway approvals according to EN50155, EN45545 & IEC61373, all typical trains server interfaces, a large memory and a graphics processor from NVIDIA®. Specifically, it is equipped with two network interfaces (GBit & 100MBit), a connector for electrical vehicle signals (I/O input), serial bus interfaces (RS232, RS485, IBIS bus), and up to 9TB of SSD hard disk storage. Two passively cooled NVIDIA® JetsonTM architecture processors are available. Typical use cases include all types of video analytics, such as occupancy detection, object and situation detection, seat occupancy detection, soiling detection, and many more that require the extra processing power typically only available from a dedicated GPU.

Germany – Berlin
Hall B, CityCube, Booth 320

Contact: Andreas Langenhan, Head of Sales
Phone: +49 30 9160760

Rail Safety Campus – training courses and expert exchange

Rail Safety Campus – training courses and expert exchange
Rail Safety Campus: Open round table discussion on training © InterEngineer GmbH
Rail Safety Campus – training courses and expert exchange
Rail Safety Campus: Instruction phase doors mock-up © InterEngineer GmbH

Acquire and update specialist knowledge with Rail Safety training courses: The Rail Safety Campus is a new type of training campus for rail safety professionals and those who want to become one. At Gut Bielenberg with its special atmosphere, training courses as well as information and networking rounds take place among experts, characterized by the campus idea. Participants in the training courses learn in small teams with professionals and acquire specific expertise in the field of approvals and safety in rail technology. In this way, an innovative service has been created for the Rail Safety and Approval family of expertise that offers groundbreaking efficiency. This is because it builds a bridge in a unique way: between the best practice of proven experts on the one hand and the specific standards and norm requirements on the other.

InterEngineer GmbH
Germany - Kollmar
Hall 7.1A, Booth 220

Contact: Lars Lange, Safety Manager
Phone: +49 171 9000 838

Innovative sensor: next-generation onboard localization

Innovative sensor: next-generation onboard localization
ITK & KIT: innovative localization solution © Bosch Zünder / Jan Potente
Innovative sensor: next-generation onboard localization
Individual fingerprint of a rail © Karlsruher Institut für Technologie

ITK Engineering, together with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, is developing purely onboard and precise localization solution for rail traffic. An innovative sensor is attached to the underside of the train and measures the individual, magnetic fingerprint of a rail during the trip to reliably determine the speed and exact position of the train. With this sensor, ITK offers precision and availability for e.g. ETCS Level 3, Automatic Train Operation (ATO) and Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC) through localization up to SIL4. This onboard solution does not require any additional infrastructure elements and thus avoids investment costs and track closures for maintenance. The innovative sensor can be used worldwide on all metal rails and neither weather nor GNSS signal limitations play a role.

ITK Engineering GmbH
Germany – Rülzheim
Hall 20, Booth 320

Contact: LarsTobias Hofbaur, Program Manager
Phone: +49 531 886345 163

Great climate thanks to flexible humidity and temperature transmitters

Great climate thanks to flexible humidity and temperature transmitters
Modern series of instruments for determining the optimum room climate © JUMO GmbH & Co. KG

Instruments in the JUMO hydroTRANS series are reliable humidity and temperature transmitters with an optional CO2 module that operate according to the capacitive measurement method. Thanks to the necessary railroad approvals, the JUMO hydroTRANS is the ideal partner for climate monitoring in rail transport. It is available in four versions as wall-mounted, duct, rod or room version. The different versions with protection classes between IP20 and IP65 make the device suitable for a wide range of applications. The measuring range covers 0 to 100 percent rH , the accuracy is 2 percent rH. The JUMO hydroTRANS has a color display and can be used in temperature ranges between -40 and +80 °C. A variant with an optional CO2 module with a measuring range of up to 10,000 ppm is available for precise determination of indoor air quality.

JUMO GmbH & Co. KG
Germany – Fulda
Hall A, CityCube, Booth 27

Contact: Lars Ronge, JUMO Industry Manager Railway Technology
Phone: +49 661 6003 2847

Radiating cable for 5G in the 3800MHz band

Radiating cable for 5G in the 3800MHz band
EUCARAY ® RMC114-G for optimised radio transmission in the 5G band at 3800MHz

High-speed internet access via mobile devices in trains or metros has become commonplace. With the introduction of 5G, a new frequency range from 3400 to 3800 MHz is used to provide additional services. With its new EUCARAY® RMC114-G and its previously announced RMC78-G, Kabelwerk EUPEN AG offers a complete radiating cable range that features low longitudinal attenuation and low coupling losses up to 3.8 GHz. From 150 MHz up to 3.8 GHz, these cables show homogenous system losses, so that multiple applications can be covered with a single cable. MiMo transmission is also supported by EUCARAY® RMC114-G and RMC78-G cables thanks to their patented slot design, so that nothing can compromise the 5G deployment in train or metro tunnels in the new 3.8 GHz band.

Kabelwerk EUPEN AG
Belgium – Eupen
Hall 12, Booth 150

Contact: Olaf Schilperoort, Product Manager
Phone: +32 87 597-000

Force generation purely electric

Force generation purely electric
EM-Bremse –Krafterzeugung durch rein elektrische Mittel © Knorr-Bremse

Unlike conventional pneumatic braking systems, the electromechanical brake (EM brake) is based on a technology that uses electricity to generate and transmit both braking signal and braking energy. While this Knorr-Bremse technology has not yet found its way into mainline trains, it promises to drive a paradigm shift in the industry. By reducing and simplifying both mechanical and electrical interfaces, the EM brake is a key enabler for the “airless train” – a train that dispenses with hydraulics and with the complex system of compressors, compressed-air tanks and pipes found on conventional trains. Thanks to improved dynamics, the EM braking system’s faster response and release times also shorten braking distances and increase track capacity, while the built-in “smart diagnostics” function promises higher vehicle availability. Last year, Knorr-Bremse conducted extensive field trials involving 200 braking maneuvers at speeds of up to 160 km/h and braking forces of up to 36 kN – trials that have already generated invaluable performance data.

Knorr-Bremse Systeme für Schienenfahrzeuge GmbH
Germany - Munich
Hall 1.2, Booth 250

Contact: Josef Baier, Contact Person for EM Brake
Phone: +49 89 3547 180440

A revolution in sleeve and wire processing

A revolution in sleeve and wire processing
Automatic wire cutting and sleeving system, Optima © Lütze Transportation GmbH
A revolution in sleeve and wire processing
Cables processed with Optima © Komax Laselec

Komax Laselec has developed an automatic wire cutting and sleeving system: the Optima. Sleeving has long been the standard in terms of wire/cable identification in the railway industry. Each step to manufacture a sleeved cable wire is made manually (dereeling, cutting, sleeve marking, sleeve insertion, coiling, tying, labelling, sorting) which is very time-consuming. With Optima, all these processes can be made automatically, offering a better productivity. The Optima line has been segmented in essential functions that can be added with time onto the machine. Upgradability is at the core of the design.

Komax Laselec SA
France –Toulouse
Hall 11.2, Booth 270F8

Contact: Grégory Solier, Sales & Marketing Director
Phone: +33 5 82 950 550

Lamifil CuCrZr (PowerFil) alloy

Lamifil CuCrZr (PowerFil) alloy
CuCrZr is used in messenger and contact wires. ©Lamifil

With increasing demand for lower emissions and greater reliability, combined with an increased choice for passengers, rail network operators are looking for ways to increase efficiency and lower Total Cost of Ownership. One way of doing that is by improving the rail electrification system. CuCrZr is a next generation alloy that can be used in multiple applications for railway electrification, such as messenger and contact wires. Its properties outperform conventional CuMg alloys. This highly efficient ‘green’ cadmium-free alloy offers approximately 23 per cent better resistance than standard a CuMg 0,5 alloy and 19 percent less electrical resistance and 14 percent higher conductivity than a CuCdSn alloy. It allows operators to reduce their CO2 emissions and increase efficiency, while increasing the longevity of their rail systems. Lamifil produces catenary wires using its proprietary CuCrZr – PowerFil alloy.

Lamifil NV
Belgium – Hemiksem
Hall 22, Booth 180

Contact: Marjan Siebens, Sales Manager
Phone: +32 3 870 06 21

Post-storm damage assessment with satellites in near-real-time

Post-storm damage assessment with satellites in near-real-time
Storm damage detected in the LiveEO Web Application © LiveEO
Post-storm damage assessment with satellites in near-real-time
Identify Storm Damage within hours with satellites © LiveEO

Trees falling onto the tracks or into overhead lines during storms are both dangerous and costly for railway operators as they cause service interruptions. Satellite Analytics Company LiveEO will premiere its product for Near-Real-Time Damage detection for railway companies. The software uses sophisticated change detection algorithms and imagery from satellites equipped with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) to automatically detect objects on the tracks following Storms. SAR satellites penetrate clouds and rapidly deliver high-resolution data, even in bad weather conditions. The system provides the location of the detected damage events in a user-friendly GIS application, already a few hours after the storm. The new solution allows operators to quickly react to natural disasters and restore service sooner than ever before.

LiveEO GmbH
Germany – Berlin
Hall 7.1a, Booth 440

Contact: Andreas Naujoks, Director of Marketing
Phone: +49 174 3407760

TRDP Gateway for LOCC-Box Rail

TRDP Gateway for LOCC-Box Rail
TRDP LIN Gateway for LOCC-Box Rail © Lütze Transportation GmbH

LÜTZE TRANSPORTATION presents a gateway for intelligent current control system LOCC-Box Rail. The gateway allows new functions like Predictive Maintenance, extended energy management and remote control. LOCC-Box Rail is an intelligent current control device, that enables creation of a selective power supply for 24V onboard supplies. The TRDP Gateway allows the entire intelligence of the LOCC-Box Rail to be used via vehicle control system. Up to 20 LOCC-Boxes can be connected via the Gateway and the integrated LIN interface. The Gateway is 100 percent suitable for rail applications and meets all standards with regards to vibration and shock loads, EMC resistance and fire behaviour. The LOCC-Box Rail continuously records the current of connected consumers like LED displays, lights, wet cells or door drives. The measuring data can be provided to the vehicle control.

Lütze Transportation GmbH
Germany – Weinstadt
Hall 27, Booth 630

Contact: Wolfram Hofelich, Head of Marketing Services
Phone: +49 7151 6053-0

Modern maas-apps improve public transport

Modern maas-apps improve public transport
Modern mobility made easy with the Maas app Gullivr Photo: MENTZ GmbH
Modern maas-apps improve public transport
Plan, book and pay for trip, unlock bikes and eScooters Photo: MENTZ GmbH

The digitalization process stirs innovation in public transport. Passengers should be able to get to a destination more conveniently, more economically and more well-informed than ever. So if the new goal of modern transport companies is "Mobility as a Service" (MaaS), apps like MENTZ's Gullivr are an innovative way to simplify complex, multimodal trips: transport services should be easy-to-use and seamlessly combine the complexities of sharing, public, and on-demand transport. In a MaaS app, user flow and customization are merged to enable individual corporate identity, gamification elements, and social media connectivity. In the end, innovation must lead to a desired effect. That's why Maas apps are designed to provide the best in customer service, which should incentivize the switch to more frequent use of public transport.

Germany – Munich
Hall 4.1, Booth 515

Contact: Jens Krotwaart, Head of Sales
Phone: +49 160 90 75 53 94

Automatic passenger counting – economical and modular

Automatic passenger counting – economical and modular
B2connect – modular vehicle switch © MG Industrieelektronik GmbH

The B2connect is a vehicle switch that can perform various functions thanks to its modular design. The counting data is processed in the vehicle on the B2connect and can be transmitted in real time via WLAN or LTE. The B2connect is also a communication platform and can serve as a router, gateway, access point or VPN. All parameters can be configured via an intuitive web interface. Due to the modular design, the number and type of Ethernet ports (100Mbit / 1GBit), the different communication options (WLAN, LTE, GPS) and the support of IBIS bus and other vehicle signals can be selected. For passenger counting, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and automatic addressing of the counting sensors simplify installation in the vehicle and commissioning of the system.

MG Industrieelektronik GmbH
Germany – Ettlinge
Hall 2.1, Booth 400

Contact: Rainer Ganninger, Sales Manager
Phone: +49 7243 5801-17

Mobility behavior in Switzerland

Mobility behavior in Switzerland
MOTIONTAG technology records mobility behavior. Copyright: Pixabay bei Pexels
Mobility behavior in Switzerland
MOBIS-study in the German and French speaking cantons of Switzerland Copyright: Chait Goli bei Pexe

ETH Zurich, University of Basel, and ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences conducted a research project on mobility behavior in Switzerland, the MOBIS-Study. 3,700 participants used the diary app “Catch my day”, developed by the Potsdam start-up MOTIONTAG, from September 2019 to January 2020. The test subject was the effects of Pigovian Transport Pricing, which means the external traffic costs in the areas of traffic jam, climate, and health. The app makes it possible for users to record their mobility behavior seamlessly. It captures different sensor data from the smartphone and uses a machine-learning algorithm developed by MOTIONTAG to detect the mode of transportation automatically. The experiment shows that Pigovian Transfer Pricing can work. However, a pricing scheme as used in this experiment faces some challenges, such as a lack of social acceptance and technical restrictions on real-time tax assessment.

Germany – Potsdam
Hall 7.1c, Booth 210

Contact: Julia Smereka, Marketing Manager
Phone: +49 176 365 60 114

A new separation method

A new separation method
SplitMaster – gentle separation of adhesive surfaces Copyright: mycon GmbH
A new separation method
SplitMaster in successful use Copyright: mycon GmbH

Products and production processes are to be designed recyclable, climate-neutral and sustainable in the future. Adhesive technology offers several advantages in comparison to welding technology. Hence varying materials can be firmly glued together e.g., by use of rugged epoxy resin glue. A common method of separating glued parts is to heat them to up to 450 °C leading to their deformation and destruction. Cold embrittlement is already known as a method of resolution; however, garages were not able to reach the necessary temperature of -55 °C with their equipment. The new SplitMaster-method, weighing 25 kg, quickly cools down surfaces to -75 °C. The glued layer is then separated, using little force.

mycon GmbH
Germany – Bielefeld
Hall 6.2, Booth 340

Contact: Jens W. Kipp, Executive Manager
Phone: +49 521 403090

Fiber optic monitoring for railways with AI

Fiber optic monitoring for railways with AI
FiberCAMERA using fiber optic technology © Neo.Net
Fiber optic monitoring for railways with AI
Processor AI © Neo.Net

FiberCAMERA is a video monitoring system based on fiber optic data transmission technology, equipped with a processor for image analysis based on neural networks. The fiber.CAMERA system is designed for rolling stock, special vehicles, railway crossings, railway sidings, and stations. The Fiber.REC can recognize railway signaling, pantograph position, dangerous events at railway crossings, fuel theft, and acts of vandalism (graffiti). Also can be trained to detect any events or dependencies occurring in a given country. The transmitted data is safe and without delay. FiberCAMERA can be used where there are long distances between the recorder and the camera. Resistance to electromagnetic discharges and interference. Compact housing ¬ no need to use a fiber-optic converter.

Poland – Świdnik
Hall 6.1, Booth 200

Contact: Jakub Koperski, Tech & Sales Support
Phone: +48 609 633 555

Brake force measurement using thin films

Brake force measurement using thin films
Film sensor with transmission unit / © NET-Automation GmbH
Brake force measurement using thin films
Measuring car / © NET-Automation GmbH

The innovation concerns the force measurement of brake systems (disk or block) and handbrakes in rail vehicles. The major novelty is the measurement using thin film directly between pad and disk or block and wheel, respectively. The test period is reduced to 1 to 1.5 hours if the pads or blocks are not removed. The sensor captures unaltered measurement data across the entire brake block surface. The entire process can be controlled via a tablet computer at up to 25 measurement points simultaneously. The sensors are placed directly at the measurement points and any data is wirelessly transferred to the tablet. The measuring car enables easy and secure system handling. If the operator continuously records the measurement data, it can be used for CBM or PDM.

NET-Automation GmbH
Austria – Zeltweg
Hall 1.2, Booth 650

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Walter Rieger, Technical Management
Phone: +43 664 1145789

Augmented reality solution for maintenance and inspection

Augmented reality solution for maintenance and inspection
Multiple checkpoints on Inspect AR for HoloLens 2 © Netcetera AG
Augmented reality solution for maintenance and inspection
Inspect AR in train maintenance action © Netcetera AG

Inspect AR is a comprehensive, scalable enterprise AR platform, available for mobile phones, tablets, and smart glasses. When it comes to maintenance, inspection, upkeep, or training, rail companies can no longer rely on paper and pen, but on a digitized test process, supported by augmented reality. Inspect AR enables railway personnel to work faster, with fewer errors and traceable results and creates a basis for ongoing process improvements. Through step-by-step procedures, access to a digital repository of information, pictures, videos, and remote support, this user-friendly and intuitive AR application assists rail workers in their tasks. Workers are also able to provide on-site damage reports in real-time and immediately share them everywhere. This level of transparency combined with digital guidance on site is a real game-changer for the railway industry.

Netcetera - Augment IT
Switzerland - Zurich
Hall 7.1b, Booth 330

Contact: Ivana Spasova, Marketing Manager
Phone: +41 442477070

New systems ensure safe electrical installation on the track

New systems ensure safe electrical installation on the track
Swing-in ground channel system (EDBK) © Niedax Group
New systems ensure safe electrical installation on the track
Cable management system for safe electrical installation © Niedax Group

The digitization of the railways increases the need for safe electrical installation on the track. One of the leading manufacturers of cable management systems, Niedax Group, has therefore developed a special cable management system for this application. This screw-in floor duct system, on which a patent application has been filed, has been granted product approval by DB Netz AG, the infrastructure company of Deutsche Bahn. The screw-in floor duct system is made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic and can be used either flush with the floor, elevated or on the floor. Unlike the usual installation technique, the previously laid out cable, is screwed into the guide system and does not require a separately mounted cover. This means that installation can be carried out with only a small number of personnel and without rail-bound aids.

Niedax GmbH & Co KG
Germany - Linz am Rhein
Hall 5.2, Booth 810

Contact: Frank Discher, Head of project management
Phone: +49-170-7661151

Simulator for Stadler-EURODUAL-Locomotives

Simulator for Stadler-EURODUAL-Locomotives
Driver cabin / simulator for the Stadler EURODUAL (Type BR-159) Copyright: Norddeutsche Eisenbahn
Simulator for Stadler-EURODUAL-Locomotives
Matching the original: detailed view of the instrument panel Copyright: Norddeutsche Eisenbahnfachs

In March 2022, the world’s first simulator for Stadler-EURODUAL-Locomotives (Type BR-159) has been launched in the city of Braunschweig, Germany. The simulator is the result of a collaboration between Norddeutsche Eisenbahnfachschule GmbH (North-German Railway Academy), European Loc Pool (ELP) and Zusi, a company focusing on Railway Simulators based in Braunschweig, Germany. The novel simulator features a 100 percent replica of the locomotive’s driver cabin including all devices, instruments and details as found in the original version of the EURODUAL. The Type BR-159 locomotive is currently the only six-axis Dual-Mode-vehicle capable of operating on tracks both with and without contact wire.

Norddeutsche Eisenbahnfachschule GmbH (NEF)
Germany – Braunschweig
Hall 4.2, Booth 150g

Contact: Jörg Winkelmann, Marketing Manager
Phone: +49 531 516 889 911

Intralogistics of the future thanks to satellites and cloud technology

Intralogistics of the future thanks to satellites and cloud technology
Satellite technology maps plant intralogistics in great detail. ©Artloca/

The key challenge in digitizing rail transport arises from the many differences that have developed over the roughly 150-year history of this mode of transport. Different rail vehicles operate in a changing environment and transport different goods in the process. For the first time, OHB DIGITAL has succeeded in designing a cloud application using satellite technology and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) data in such a way that a precise picture of the entire rail plant logistics in real time is possible. Through the use of intelligent hardware, it is always known where machines and freight are, without any manual interactions - for all types of freight cars. Supplementary data such as weather information provide a fully comprehensive picture and enable new insights in transport management. The open architecture of this digital twin supports many other applications and interfaces in the process.

Germany – Bremen
Hall A, CityCube, Booth 280

Contact: Christian Stelljes, Manager Innovations & Sales
Phone: +49 421 22095-0

Hygiene in public transport

Hygiene in public transport
Handhygiene in public transport ©Ophardt Hygiene
Hygiene in public transport
Vandalism-proof dispenser systems for effective hand hygiene ©Ophardt Hygiene

80 per cent of infectious diseases are transmitted by our hands. Door handles, straps, and poles—not to mention a high number of passengers in—can transform busses and trains into a virus hotspots. OPHARDT hygiene offers vandalism-proof dispenser systems for effective hand hygiene in public areas. The containers and pumps are fire-retardant and certified to DIN 5510/2 and DIN 45545. The anti-fingerprint coating adds lasting value to the dispenser housing.

OPHARDT also offers a great solution for public washrooms, with our new SanTRAL Plus series. This series is not only a comprehensive solution for public washrooms, but it also comes with attractive finishes. The paper towel, toilet paper, and soap dispensers as well as the waste garbage cans are all equipped with smart technology and can provide information about filling level and battery level in realtime to a smartphone.

Germany – Issum
Hall 6.2, Booth 450

Contact: Jule Hinckers, Marketing Strategist BU Washroom
Phone: +49 2835 18168

Innovation in the way of traveling on high-speed trains

Innovation in the way of traveling on high-speed trains
Allegra – Sleeperette club seat © Pianfei Compositi
Innovation in the way of traveling on high-speed trains
Mya – Economy class seat © Pianfei Compositi

The rail transport market is ready for a further prestigious jump in terms of greater comfort to business passengers in the rail high-speed trains. In fact no public or private rail company has yet paid attention to the comfort of "business" passengers on high-speed trains like it has become usual in air flights at equivalent value. That’s why Pianfei Compositi has decided to launch an innovative seat “sleeperette” convertible into a bed that offers comfort and privacy to passengers with a unique Italian style and design that they have been exporting for many years in the aerospace international market. In parallel Pianfei Compositi has not neglected to enhance the comfort of the economy class passengers to which they have reserved a seat with a unique and innovative design and with a great comfort for a total relaxing travel.

Pianfei Compositi Srl - Aviointeriors Group
Italy – Napoli
Hall 5.1, Booth 352

Contact: Federico Mirabella, Sales & Marketing Manager
Phone: +39 392 5321882

World’s First SIL-4 Safety Certified Ultra Wideband Train Positioning System

World’s First SIL-4 Safety Certified Ultra Wideband Train Positioning System
Highly accurate speed and position data Copyright: Piper Networks

Recently, Piper Networks received a CENELEC Safety Integrity Level 4 (SIL-4) Certification for its Ultra Wideband (UWB) train control system from independent safety assessor, TÜV SÜD. The certification is a milestone achievement for Piper and the transportation industry as it becomes the first ever UWB-based position and speed technology to achieve vitality. Piper’s UWB technology allows trains, vehicles, track workers and other rail assets to be tracked in real-time to within inches, even in the most challenging of environments, such as underground subway tunnels or elevated tracks. The system is now available for integration with signaling and train control programs being implemented by transportation agencies and their engineering contractors in the USA and worldwide.

Piper Networks Inc.
USA – San Diego, CA
Hall 7.1b, Booth 400

Contact: Wesley Ker-Fox, VP Partnerships, Head of Marketing

Railways digital evolution

Railways digital evolution
MultiMimo Antenna X12 with GPS © POLOMARCONI.IT company
Railways digital evolution
MultiMimo Antenna X4 with GPS © POLOMARCONI.IT company

New media, CCTV real time and IoT today require a high demand for “high quality data rate”. The data rate has to be improved: today new applications must have a data rate more than 1 Gbps. MIMO systems (Multiple Input Multiple Output) have been developed to improve the data rate with a really high quality in the transmission, and the aim has been successfully achieved. MIMO system, using several technique like spatial multiplexing or antenna diversity, is the only chance to provide multiple services on the same frequency range with high quality level without losing data rate in the communication. New MIMO antennas T01811825 & T01811826 permit to connect from for modems (or 2 2x2) to twelve modems (or 6 2x2) on frequency range from 700 MHz to 6 GHz; both models are 5G ready. Thanks to the SNCF’ contract POLOMARCONI.IT will supply 8000 antennas for IoB, IoT and CCTV system.

Italy – Verona
Hall 4.1, Booth 850

Contact: Alberto Conati, Sales Manager Railway Market
Phone: +39 035 4181900

ProVI LST – for integrated digital planning of the future

ProVI LST – for integrated digital planning of the future
Official release at InnoTrans 2022
ProVI LST – for integrated digital planning of the future
Reach your destination more safely with ProVI LST © ProVI GmbH

ProVI LST is a BIM-ready software for control command and railway signaling planners. Traditional workflows based on tables and drafting become obsolete as it enables fully compliant digital workflows and data transfer via PlanPro XML. ProVI LST automatically generates topologies, supports elements for track clear detection, Control-Command (ETCS), preset route logic, and construction stage planning. ProVI LST’s central database raises efficiency, as XML data can be seamlessly leveraged for downstream processes, such as project planning or simulation, lastly signal manufacturers can save time and costs. The system boosts accuracy, minimizes errors and offers an unparalleled BIM workflow as it can integrate ProVI’s track alignment solution.

ProVI GmbH
Germany - Munich
Hall 5.2, Booth 135

Contact: Christian Frank, CEO
Phone: +49 151 140 50 018

Open video management solution for public transport organizations

Open video management solution for public transport organizations
Qognify VMS (C) Qognify GmbH

Qognify NMS is Qognify’s next-generation video management software. It is based on the proven technology of its predecessor, Qognify Cayuga, which is being used in a large number of physical security projects in the rail and public transport sector around the world. Qognify VMS reflects the changing demands on video surveillance, in particular the increasing level of integration into technology ecosystems. A set of open interfaces to third-party systems such as access control, analytics or PSIM is available for this purpose. Since many organizations are increasingly relying on cloud technologies, Qognify VMS also offers a range of options for data storage and operation of video surveillance in cloud environments. Thanks to its efficient architecture, Qognify VMS keeps the hardware footprint small and can be deployed and operated in a very cost-efficient way.

Qognify GmbH
Germany – Bruchsal
Hall 7.1a, Booth 450

Contact: Jesse King, International Field Marketing Manager
Phone: +49 15222608627

New benchmark for level crossings

New benchmark for level crossings
BETOcross® level crossing system © RAILBETON

With the BETOcross® system, RAILBETON has established a new benchmark for level crossings. Short installation times and the durability of the concrete surface characterize the innovative system. The high-strength reinforced concrete used was produced using the latest concrete technology findings and is subject to continuous further development. Thanks to the modular design, all assembly parts used can be easily and flexibly replaced as required. This saves resources and guarantees sustainability. Installation and removal are uncomplicated and easy to plan thanks to the quick assembly system. No further special tools are required. Optimized variants are offered according to the area of application. From pedestrian areas to highly frequented main roads, RAILBETON finds a suitable solution for every traffic situation. True to the motto “we take care of it” our designers plan the suitable transition and take over the installation supervision.

Germany – Chemnitz
Hall 25, Booth 450

Contact: Marco Weiß, Marketing Manager
Phone: +49 371 4725 124

Harsh environments, mission possible with MCCU

Harsh environments, mission possible with MCCU
Mission possible with MCCU

SATEL’s new Mission-Critical Connectivity Unit (MCCU) platform is designed to resolve connectivity challenges in harsh environments globally. MCCU platform provides robust solutions for off-highway machinery connectivity. The work site and the process connectivity requirements are implemented reliably and cost effectively. Customers can choose from a wide variety of radio technologies (e.g., private UHF, LTE/5G, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) to have the best possible solution for their needs. MCCU solutions offer robust, reliable, and fit-to-purpose quality with easy activation and usage and operations are supported globally. SATEL is the world’s leading expert and innovator in wireless networking technology.

Finland – Salo
Hall 4.1, Booth 865

Contact: David Lucchesi
Phone: +358 2 777 7800

Enclosures dedicated for Railway-Applications

Enclosures dedicated for Railway-Applications
Aluminum Cabinet with weather protection roofh © Schramm GmbH
Enclosures dedicated for Railway-Applications
Technical Drawing of Aluminum Cabinet © Schramm GmbH

SCHRAMM GmbH has developed a new type of outdoor cabinet made of aluminum especially for railroad applications. Rigid frame profiles hold ventilated hollow chamber plates in such a way that it is possible to flow through the wall elements with ambient air and thus a passive cooling effect occurs. The stable construction with interchangeable wall segments also makes the cabinet unyielding against, for example, vandalism or damage caused by ballast from the track bed. Active ventilation can also be installed in the roof in a vandal-proof manner thanks to the air circulating in the hollow chamber plates. The doors are enclosed and suspended in a powder-coated SS316 door frame, so that maximum torsional stiffness on the door leaf is ensured and any corrosion is avoided. The door seals are made of chemically resistant and weather-resistant EPDM attached to the door frame. This special seal ensures an IP65 degree of protection for the cabinet in the entire operating temperature range from -60 °C upto +100 °C and above (single-leaf door).

Schramm GmbH
Germany – Frankfurt
Hall 10.1, Booth 120

Contact: Markus Tacke, Managing Director
Phone: +49 69 42007 0

Intelligent pantographs increase the availability of vehicle fleets and infrastructure

Intelligent pantographs increase the availability of vehicle fleets and infrastructure
Retrofittable digital measuring system ©Schunk Transit Systems GmbH
Intelligent pantographs increase the availability of vehicle fleets and infrastructure
Sensors generate condition data on pantograph and overhead line ©Schunk Transit Systems GmbH

With a retrofittable measuring system that generates condition data on pantographs and overhead contact lines, Schunk presents its digital innovation at InnoTrans. Using sensor technology, the on-board monitoring solution can detect irregularities before they lead to damage. The advantage: fewer unplanned repairs and significant time and cost savings - for both transport and infrastructure operators. Customers can choose from a variety of parameters that are analyzed during operation: from dynamic uplift force and the condition of the contact strips to damage to the overhead line. The data is transferred to a cloud and processed for the user. They thus form the basis for predictive maintenance and increased availability of vehicle fleets and infrastructure.

Schunk Transit Systems GmbH
Germany – Wettenberg
Hall 9, Booth 345

Contact: Daniel Pfeffer, Head of SBA Traction Schunk Transit Systems GmbH
Phone: +49 641 803 - 0

Lose weight. Not performance. The lightest leather on two tracks.

Lose weight. Not performance. The lightest leather on two tracks.
Muirhead LightCore™ Durability Copyright: Muirhead, Scottish Leather Group Ltd.
Lose weight. Not performance. The lightest leather on two tracks.
Muirhead Quality Test Copyright: Muirhead, Scottish Leather Group Ltd.

Muirhead is introducing a low carbon full substance leather with reduced weight, re-engineered for the next generation of passenger transport. Made with a unique, durable, micro-light core, LightCore™ is up to 33 percent lighter than standard leather without sacrificing thickness, strength and durability, helping to extend the range of electric vehicles and reduce emissions of conventionally powered stock. It’s stress tested, safe, and customisable to enhance design and passenger comfort. And, with integrated ActiveHygiene, 99 percent of bacteria and viruses are eliminated from leather surfaces within two hours. Muirhead delivers much-needed durability and exceptional technical performance, breathability, flame resistance, and easy cleaning properties with a market-leading warranty, dramatically reducing the total cost of ownership.

Scottish Leather Group Operations Ltd.
Scotland – Renfrewshire
Hall 5.1, Booth 310

Contact: Kevin Smith, Head of Mass Transit
Phone: +44 141 550 6400

Alternative drive systems for catenary-free, sustainable regional rail service

Alternative drive systems for catenary-free, sustainable regional rail service
Hydrogen-powered Mireo Plus H and battery-powered Mireo Plus B © Siemens Mobility GmbH

Rail operators are increasingly looking to replace diesel multiple units to meet climate change targets and to respond to stricter emission regulations. For lines which are not electrified, Siemens Mobility’s Mireo Plus platform offers alternative drive systems for sustainable regional rail service. Mireo Plus B is equipped with a modular, high-performance battery system for operation on rail routes with or without overhead contact lines. The hydrogen-powered Mireo Plus H is equipped with a fuel cell drive and a lithium-ion battery that delivers traction power and uses regenerative braking. It features a high traction power of 1.7 MW for up to 1.1 m/s² acceleration, and a range of up to 1,000 kilometers. With the Mireo Plus H, Siemens Mobility presents the next generation of hydrogen trains, combining innovative design and latest sustainable technology.

Siemens Mobility GmbH
Germany – Berlin
Booth FG T06/40 (Mireo Plus H), T07/40 (Mireo Plus B)

Contact: Silke Thomson-Pottebohm, Press spokesperson
Phone: +49 174 3063307

The perfect tool to automatize maintenance tasks

The perfect tool to automatize maintenance tasks
DAVANA Work Order Planner ©smart motors
The perfect tool to automatize maintenance tasks
Example point machine dashboard ©smart motors

Maintenance team on the railway are looking for an automatic work order creator, adapted to their day to day. DAVANA® Work Order Planner generates maintenance plans based on available resources and streamlines them by focusing on assets with real needs. With a calendarized fashion and a range of filtering and navigation options, this order planner satisfies the strictest procedures. Thanks to the asset monitoring module by smart motors®, different order types nourish the tool: condition-based and corrective orders. Both are automatically created and added in order to minimize service affectation. Further functionalities: WOP generates reports with the state of the asset immediately after the maintenance, including graphs and tables, very convenient for audit purposes. It is also possible to define thresholds, so that these measure points show up in a warning or alarm style. Reports can be downloaded in PDF and stored in DAVANA’s database for future references.

smart motors
Spain - Barcelona
Hall 24, Booth 220

Contact: Marta Miralpeix Garcia, Business Development Manager/Organiser
Phone: +34 675220603

Hydrogen – chance for zero-emission public transport

Hydrogen – chance for zero-emission public transport
Solaris Urbino 18 hydrogen © Solaris Bus & Coach sp. z o.o.

Incredibly comfortable, innovative and completely zero-emission ride with public transport – Solaris Urbino 18 hydrogen from public transport vehicle manufacturer Solaris is 18 meters long and runs on hydrogen as the main power source. The vehicle is powered with energy generated in fuel cells that act as a miniature hydrogen power plant aboard the vehicle. The sole by-products of the reaction that takes place there are heat and steam. The bus drive doesn’t make any noise and the refuelling takes only a dozen or so minutes. Thanks to a greater number of new, light hydrogen tanks, the articulated hydrogen Solaris bus is capable of covering at least 350 km on a single refill in all road and weather conditions.

Solaris Bus & Coach sp. z o.o.
Poland – Bolechowo
Hall Bus Display, Booth B/265

Contact: Szymon Surma, Marketing Specialist
Phone: +48 697 942 541

Automated testing of multiple traction capability without second vehicle

Automated testing of multiple traction capability without second vehicle
Testing of multiple traction capability Copyright: © SPHEREA

The coupling of a rail vehicle is much more than a mechanical connection between two vehicles. Rather, it is used to control many functions, some of which are safety-critical. The correct functioning of the coupling is currently checked during maintenance by coupling two vehicles and having all functions more or less manually traced by specialists according to a test plan. This requires two vehicles that are missing from the operation, several skilled workers as well as time. This can be automated by replacing the second vehicle with a digital twin. All functions can be simulated via a relatively small device that is placed directly on the coupling of the vehicle to be tested. The test plan is digitally mapped. One person is sufficient for the test and is guided via a tablet.

Germany – Ulm
Hall Outdoor Display, Booth FGSUED O/165

Contact: Adriane Kopf, Marketing
Phone: +49 731 17630 131

A single system for both digital & analog passenger information

A single system for both digital & analog passenger information
Hybrid e.Rail information system © ST Vitrinen Trautmann GmbH & Co KG

ST-Vitrinen Trautmann combines a 21.5-inch monitor with classical timetables and a slim housing. This allows dynamic real-time information for both arrival and departure to be displayed within seconds while also allowing classical, printed passenger information to be displayed as well. The data connection and monitoring via the LTE-network allows for cost-effective and efficient upgrading of existing systems. A simple power connection is enough for a quick installation on site. Alternatively, a battery-powered ePaper display can be used as well, which does not require a power connection. The system is particularly suitable for a widespread use in both small and large public transportation networks since even less frequent and remote stops can be digitalized with ease and at low cost.

ST-Vitrinen Trautmann GmbH & Co. KG
Germany – Bielefeld
Hall 2.1, Booth 260

Contact: Andreas Olfert, Sales Director Passenger Information
Phone: +49 521 977 04 – 69

Branching without cutting the cable

Branching without cutting the cable
©Swibox rendering UCB-Box closed with docking housing
Branching without cutting the cable
©Swibox rendering UCB-Box open, with individual equipment

Whenever it comes to branching off lines, cutting the cable is a potential weak point. The insulation is removed, the conductor is cut and a junction is installed for branching. Moisture ingress can cause the clamping point to oxidize. Additional heat is generated and the voltage drops, resulting in an increased fire hazard! The solution for this is called: UCB-Box (Uncut-Cable-Branch-Box). With the innovative piercing clamps, it is possible to branch off safely from the trunk cable. It does not matter whether copper or aluminum conductors are involved. The housing system also meets the functional integrity requirements of DIN 4102-12 over a period of 90 minutes. The Europe-wide patent application has been filed and was published on February 23, 2022. With the simple and process-safe assembly in the tunnel, expensive assembly hours can be saved to a considerable extent with higher safety.

Swibox AG
Switzerland – Flamatt
Hall 5.2, Booth 912

Contact: Walter Wirth, Fire Protection Specialist, Sales Manager Germany
Phone: +49 160 96574223

Transforming operational efficiency through surveillance technology

Transforming operational efficiency through surveillance technology
Setting the smart transport standard with S-Bahn Berlin © Synectics

Synectics’ Synergy software platform is used by operators around the world, including teams based at S-Bahn Berlin’s ‘4S’ operational headquarters. It allows control centres to connect, respond, and collaborate with passengers and staff on-board trains, at stations, and with field-based personnel. It integrates with third-party technologies to deliver real-time network-wide situational awareness. Synergy’s mobile application, along with workflows, workforce management features and computer-aided dispatch functionality, means that whether the scenario is responding to an emergency or fulfilling planned maintenance, control teams can make sure the right people are in the right place at the right time, armed with the information they need to do their job.

United Kingdom – Sheffield
Hall 4.1, Booth 525

Contact: Dr. Kerstin Wendt, Regional Manager
Phone: +49 89 748862 0

AC circuit breaker for rolling stock with overcurrent detection and tripping

AC circuit breaker for rolling stock with overcurrent detection and tripping
AC circuit breaker with overcurrent detection and tripping for rail vehicles, © Sécheron SA

The new overcurrent detection and tripping function, developed by Sécheron for its AC vacuum circuit breaker, ensures the autonomy of the circuit breaker in detecting, tripping and interrupting short circuits. This major innovation further enhances the vehicle safety, as it avoids dividing safety functions and responsibilities among several devices and stakeholders, which is a common practice today for AC circuit breakers available on the market. This new functionality can also be combined with another innovation from Sécheron that allows the circuit breaker to close and or open synchronously and accurately with a predefined phase angle of the line voltage to mitigate against inrush currents and electromagnetic interferences.

Sécheron SA
Switzerland - Geneva
Hall 9, Booth 230

Contact: Julien SCHNIDER, Product Line Manager
Phone: +41 76 5547356

Effective locking of electrical screw connections

Effective locking of electrical screw connections
NSK E – Effective locking of electrical screw connections © teckentrup-sperrkant

In the field of electrical engineering, screws are used to achieve conductive connections. It is essential that a continuous contact pressure between the connected parts is ensured, as loosening leads inevitably to system failure.

This technical situation has led teckentrup to develop the NSK E lock washer, which meets the increased requirements for electrical screw connections.

Settling effects are offset by the high spring effect. At once, the special smooth underside prevents chip formation. The toothed washer surface also provides a positive-locking effect underneath the screw head / the nut, and prevents the screw connection from unscrewing.

teckentrup GmbH + Co KG
Germany – Herscheid
Hall 8.2, Booth 410

Contact: Mario Engelbertz, Key-Account-Manager Schraubensicherungen
Phone: +49 2357 90 80 420

Latest generation of software platform for passenger information systems

Latest generation of software platform for passenger information systems
TFT display at train in Belgium © Televic GSP
Latest generation of software platform for passenger information systems
TFT display at metro in Germany © Televic GSP

LiveCoM Suite allows train operating companies and train builders to realize and reliably operate flexible on-board passenger information systems (PIS) during their entire lifetime. LiveCoM covers all integrated end-to-end PIS functionalities, including collecting real-time data from wayside sources, securely exchanging data between the cloud and the fleet, and driving audiovisual announcements to the passengers. At our booth, demos are organized to show how LiveCoM Suite optimizes passenger experience in a fully automated way. Among other things, we demo the user-friendly interface to manage the content, show how LiveCoM Suite controls our range of new displays and how it drives the on-board audio system. Moreover, we illustrate how the novel speech-to-text extension leads to inclusive communication.

Televic GSP
Belgium – Izegem
Hall 2.1, Booth 510

Contact: Remi Bilger, Sales & Business Development Manager
Phone: +32 475 90 64 25

First MCX cab radio terminal for transport

First MCX cab radio terminal for transport
RTP-800 easy to install in trains, metro and trams Copyright: Teltronic

Teltronic’s RTP-800 is a new generation on-board equipment, configured as a single, standardised hardware platform that supports multiple technologies: TETRA, LTE and WiFi.

This on-board unit provides massive transmission of data for railway signalling vital applications and on-board video services, among others, while all voice services work correctly without any downtime.

After taking part in the plugtests promoted by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), the RTP-800 has been selected along 2021 as the advanced on-board equipment for several railway and metro LTE projects, in which it has demonstrated its capabilities for the train-to-ground voice & data communications, becoming the first Mission Critical Services (MCX) cab radio terminal for transport environments in the market. Its platform supports Mission Critical Push-to-talk (MCPTT), MCData and MCVideo standard functionalities defined by 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project), as well as the rail functions described in the Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS) specification.

Teltronic S.A.U.
Spain – Zaragoza
Hall 4.1, Booth 580

Contact: Miguel Simón, Marketing Manager
Phone: +34 660 479248,

Cloud-based timetabling

Cloud-based timetabling
Overview of operated trains © Trenolab
Cloud-based timetabling
Real-time graphic timetable © Trenolab

TrenoLive provides railways with all the features of trenolab’s integrated suite of railway timetable planning tools on an easy-to-use platform. TrenoLive is a cloud-based application integrating real-time traffic visualisation with a complete timetable planning and infrastructure modelling tool. It’s built to handle the full range of railway needs: short-term timetabling, yearly timetable construction and strategic planning by enabling users to easily manage and use an essentially infinite number of infrastructure and timetable variants. TrenoLive is natively integrated with trenissimo, Trenolab's microscopic simulator, making it easy to validate timetables using simulation. Integration with trenoAnalysis means it can also be used for real-time performance analysis and train visualisation on graphic timetables.

TENOlab slr
Italy – Gorizia
Hall 4.1, Booth 565

Contact: Giorgio Medeossi, General Manager
Phone: +39 0481 30031

Physical optimum, it can't be better!

Physical optimum, it can't be better!
Evaluation of a driving profile © Paetrick Vogt, traveltainer GmbH & Co. KG

Driving close to the physical optimum reduces energy consumption by up to 30 percent. Driving rail vehicles today is largely based on human experience. In cooperation with a research team from the Fraunhofer IFF, an algorithm based on the physical optimum was developed. With the inclusion of the timetable, vehicle data and route profiles, traveltainer calculate the optimal driving profile. All rail transport companies, especially in local public rail transport, can use these without great effort. With the use of the optimal driving profiles, the punctuality rate increases and the energy consumption drops to the possible minimum, it can't be better! Strict use in all transport companies would probably be a revolution in terms of energy saving in rail transport.

traveltainer GmBH & Co. KG
Germany – Altenbeken
Hall 4.1, Booth 680

Contact: Rolf Feldmann, Managing Director
Phone: +49 5255 9353 112

Smart mobile assets monitoring solutions

Smart mobile assets monitoring solutions
Remote monitoring & diagnostic solutions © Shutterstock

Trilogical’s Control FREAK Freight system for locomotives & freight trains reduces operational and maintenance costs increasing availability, reliability & safety. Successfully deployed upon locomotives and wagons by leading manufacturers, the system automatically tracks the distance each wagon has travelled and sends an alert as to when next maintenance is required reducing unnecessary maintenance costs by shifting from scheduled to condition based maintenance. Continuous monitoring of the fleet, including count of engine hours, calculation of distance travelled by wagons and technical condition of wagons enables balancing optimal wagon usage, managing failures in real time and predicting future failures. This results in vastly improved efficiency of the fleet maintenance. Further savings are achieved by analyzing driver behavior and optimizing train speed to reduce fuel costs. Control FREAK Freight system increases efficiency of wagons’ utilization providing cost-effective solution for freight operations’ optimization with easy deployment and fast ROI.

Tri-Logical Technologies Ltd.
Israel – Rishon le Zion
Hall 6.1, Booth 420

Contact: Tatiana Voloshin, International Business Development Director
Phone: +972-52-8797588

Turning vehicles into digital data centers with a holistic cloud platform

Turning vehicles into digital data centers with a holistic cloud platform
Unwired Edge Cloud – simple network management © Unwired Networks GmbH
Turning vehicles into digital data centers with a holistic cloud platform
Hardware for reliable connections © Unwired Networks GmbH

Unwired Networks will present the Unwired Edge Cloud as a holistic cloud platform for data communication in vehicles. As a 360° solution for smart networks, passenger WiFi and edge computing, the Unwired Edge Cloud transforms every vehicle into a central, manageable digital data center. The heart of Unwired Networks product range is Unwired Edge Core, the central management platform for all device and network settings, on which the complementary products Unwired Edge WiFi and Unwired Edge Compute are based. The Unwired Edge Cloud is a modular software-as-a-service product. Depending on the use case, companies can decide which functions they need. Unwired also provides the optimum devices and components to match. In addition to routers, access points and switches, customers also receive the necessary antennas and cables.

Unwired Networks GmbH
Austria – Wien
Hall 4.1, Booth 670

Contact: Florian Buiting, Head of Sales
Phone: +49 1747396003

Trusted Edge AI Solution for Smart Railway

Trusted Edge AI Solution for Smart Railway
Vecow IVX-1000 workstation-grade ©Vecow
Trusted Edge AI Solution for Smart Railway
Advanced Edge AI Solution for Smart Railway ©Vecow

Vecow launches the IVX-1000 workstation-grade in-vehicle computing System. The system has multiple innovative designs and is easily deployable for railway applications. The IVX-1000 supports a wide range of 16V to 160V power input with 4kV DC and 0.5kV DC 8/20us surge protection and offers rail solution providers the flexibility to adapt the most optimal power integration solution for their railway infrastructure. The rugged IVX-1000, built on embedded MXM GPU ideal for any harsh environments with excellent computing power, helps accelerate the traffic vision deployment in rail applications. In addition, the IVX-1000 is EN50155:2017 and EN45545-2 certified which meets the requirements for the latest EU directive for rail application and mainstream trends and ensures rolling stock applications operate efficient, reliable and safe.

Vecow Co., Ltd
Taiwan – New Taipei City
Hall 6.1, Booth 325

Contact: Joseph Huang, Global Sales Director
Phone: +882 922 856 478

Technology for on-demand mobility planning

Technology for on-demand mobility planning
Image "On-Demand Planning" © Via Transportation

Via Transportation is introducing the first technology to successfully plan demand responsive transportation solutions. Using On-demand Planning, cities and transport authorities can optimize their services with an on-demand plan that is data-driven, integrated with the fixed-route network. Proprietary data from over 200 Via projects and 100M shared rides allows users to model how on-demand service, overlaid with instant demographic calculations.

Via Transportation
Netherlands – Amsterdam
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Contact: Victoria Markewitz, Partnerships Director
Phone: +49 151 22303450

Future of the railway industry

Future of the railway industry
Powerail set for 4-axle wagon Copyright – Viezo
Future of the railway industry
Powerail mounted on the train axlebox Copyright – Viezo

Powerail – Autonomous IoT solution for monitoring railway wagons. The solution is an autonomous wireless vibration and temperature sensor powered by vibration energy harvester. Sensor is installed in the closest point to the bearing in order to collect the most accurate data about bearings health. It is done through gathering the most important vibration and temperature data to support the evidence of potential bearing failures and flat spots. The solution is maintenance-free and make sensors live longer than anything that is available on the market. Solution is built on monitoring the axle box bearing health, registering wheel set mileage, detecting the flat spots and GPS-locating of wagons. All provided hardware have various energy harvesting possibilities which significantly increase the lifetime of the hardware. Whole system is designed to work maintenance-free for at least twelve years.

Lithuania – Vilnius
Hall 6.1, Booth 261

Contact: RaphaelDonat Ponamariov, CEO
Phone: +370 675 56 247

Road-rail robot VLEX 40 with 600 tons traction force

Road-rail robot VLEX 40 with 600 tons traction force
VLEX 40 – powerful and exhaust-free road-rail shunting solutions Copyright: Vollert

Extremely compact, powerful, battery-powered and emission-free: At InnoTrans 2022, shunting specialist Vollert will be presenting the robust VLEX 40 2-way vehicle for rail and road with a tractive force of up to 600 t for the first time. This makes it suitable for shunting four to five freight cars for loading and internal transport, both indoors and outdoors. The new VLEX 40 with 40 kN tractive force changes quickly and easily from the track to the road and back again, radio-controlled in one-man operation. Its sophisticated vehicle geometry with articulated steering and four individually controlled wheel hub motors make it extremely maneu-verable and economical. An oscillating axle on the chassis guarantees permanent ground or rail contact for all four wheels, even on uneven surfaces. For rail travel, track guide rollers are low-ered hydraulically.

Vollert Anlagenbau GmbH
Germany – Weinsberg
Hall 21, Booth 160

Contact: Frank Brost, Senior Marketing Manager
Phone: +49 170 2234243

Electric driver's seat system with memory function

Electric driver's seat system with memory function
Electrical memory seatsystem ©Adobe Stock

This unique seating system offers streetcar or subway drivers the possibility to recall a correct and healthy working position in the form of a memory system. The electric seat system adjusts fully electrically to the person's stored parameters, so that incorrect postures can be avoided during a shift. Additional functions such as an massage system, seat heating or seat ventilation are also integrated in the driver seat system, providing a high level of comfort for the driver personnel.

W. Gessmann GmbH Schaltgeräte
Germany – Leingarten
Hall 27, Booth 531

Contact: Marcel Höpfer, Project Manager
Phone: +49 7131-4067 722

Efficient rail airconditioning with natural refrigerant

Efficient rail airconditioning with natural refrigerant
Green Air on regional train in service © Faiveley Transport Leipzig,
Efficient rail airconditioning with natural refrigerant
Green Air battery chiller © Faiveley Transport Leipzig, a Wabtec company

Air conditioning is an integral part of passenger rail. Their synthetic refrigerants have a high global warming potential (GWP) between 1,500 to 2,000 times higher than CO2. Natural refrigerants (such as CO2, Air) come with low energy efficiency and require more space, mass, and cost. Hydrocarbons were considered energy efficient options but avoided in rail due to flammability. Wabtec overcame this obstacle by developing the so-called Green Air solution using R290, ensuring safety, while avoiding the drawback on mass, efficiency, maintenance or cost. DB has awarded Wabtec’s Green Air the highest maturity level 9 in June 2022. Wabtec has already signed three contracts and recently offered Green Air in a number of tenders. The technology can be equipped on new trains or be retrofitted on existing trains, as it fits into the same interfaces, mass, and power rating as conventional systems.

Wabtec Corporation
USA – Pittsburgh
Hall 1.2, Booth 205

Contact: Raphael Hinninger, Head of Wabtec Transit Communications
Phone: +33 671 836 036

Flex collaborative robot

Flex collaborative robot
Flex in a lorry plateau
Flex collaborative robot
Demonstration on a customer's track Copyright: Welding Alloys

The Flex is the first weld surfacing collaborative robot dedicated to the maintenance of railway networks. The cobot does the hard work and welders are protected from fumes and uncomfortable positions. Flex is the perfect solution for railway welding maintenance on tracks, frogs, wing rails, etc. The objective is to weld in a smarter way, with a human-centered approach. The Flex is a flexible solution, light and extremely fast to deploy. The programming is easy and intuitive to set-up by the welder respective operator itself. The torch movement simulates the dexterity of an experienced welder.

Welding Alloys France
France – Porte du Ried
Hall 25, Booth 400

Contact: Bastien Gerard, Industrie Marketing Manager
Phone: +33 6 01 16 61 80

Innovative BIO foam materials

Innovative BIO foam materials
BIO foam from ZFoam ECO ©ZFoam

The use of sustainable materials that are more respectful to our environment is a growing demand worldwide and ZFoam also wants to contribute to the conservation of the environment by reducing its carbon footprint. ZFoam ECO has launched a complete product line of BIO foams for insulation, packaging and construction purposes. These foams are made from biopolymers whose raw materials consist of forest waste or agricultural materials such as sugarcane. They are 100 percent renewable and do not have a negative impact on the food chain. ZFoam can also provide materials with ISCC certification and negative carbon footprint. They propose mainly BIO crosslinked and non-crosslinked PE foam that have the same mechanical properties than “standard” polyethylene. These products have been successfully used in a variety of applications since 2020. The future of the planet is everyone´s business.

ZFoam Spain
Spain - Alfajarin
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Contact: José Miguel Esquillor, Sales Manager
Phone: +34696310567

Safe worksites through remote train control

Safe worksites through remote train control
Exemplary structure of the COBRA system ©Zöllner Signal GmbH

COBRA is a new system for remote control of (Euro) balises on ETCS lines it can be used e.g. to stop or to brake trains. It consists of the two system components COBRA-CU and COBRA-R. With the control unit (COBRA-CU), the status of the balise can be controlled via radio. For this purpose, the receiving device (COBRA-R) forwards the command of the Control Unit to the LEU (Lineside Electronic Unit) and thus to the balise. If the balise is switched to STOP via the COBRA-CU, the rail vehicle is braked. On GO the vehicle can pass. The normal position of the system is the (STOP) function, which means that a rail vehicle must be let through with an active action by the safety personnel. The radio ranges of the system are at least three kilometres, and up to six kilometres if repeaters are used. The current system scope provides up to four balises that can be switched simultaneously with one control unit.

Zöllner Signal GmbH
Germany - Kiel
Hall 25, Booth 565

Contact: Dr. Britta Lissinna, Head of Sales
Phone: +49 431-7027-178