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Capture, analyse, control

PricewaterhouseCoopers and Cosmo Consult AG presented their software solutions for intelligent data assessment at InnoTrans 2022 – two world firsts which help optimise the capacity utilisation of public transport and reduce operating costs.

With the Mobility Platform, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has developed a software tool for intelligent management of mobility data for public transport. The platform enables public transport companies and transport associations to efficiently analyse the movement and mobility behaviour of users and to control it via intelligent communication services. With the help of smartphone sensor data, the platform creates a picture of the behaviour of crowds. Movement paths, densities, mobility types, infrastructure utilisation and potential problem areas - such as narrow passages - can be recognised and evaluated in real time. The integrated artificial intelligence supports this by specifically identifying anomalies and trends and drawing attention to them.

Avoid waiting times

A defect in the vehicle, a construction site or traffic jam on the road – sometimes a small thing is enough to throw the timetable out of sync. With the "Intelligent Connection Protection" by Cosmo Consult AG from Würzburg, manual efforts in operations can be reduced and waiting times for passengers can be avoided. In the event of a delay, the use of artificial intelligence determines within seconds which type of coordination is necessary to achieve the greatest cost-benefit factor. For example, survey data on transferring passengers as well as the proportionate use of the means of transport (bus, train) for the onward journey are taken into account. The data-based result is delivered as a suggestion and can be automatically transmitted to the vehicle driver by means of an individual extension. It provides information on whether a vehicle should be kept waiting or not.

People flow analyses on the PwC Mobility Platform.

People flow analyses on the PwC Mobility Platform. Photo: Mapbox / OpenStreetMap