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In partnership with the DVV Media Group, Messe Berlin is publishing the exclusive World Innovation Guide. The guide presents world innovations from the five trade fair segments Railway Technology, Railway Infrastructure, Public Transport, Interiors and Tunnel Construction, which have never been seen before by trade visitors at any event. The World Innovation Guide targets media representatives and trade visitors. It will appear online on the InnoTrans website as well as the InnoTrans Report app. All exhibitors’ world innovations will also be identifiable by a button on the stands, hall plans, in the InnoTrans app and at InnoTrans Plus.

Publication of a world innovation is free of charge for exhibitors and co-exhibitors at InnoTrans. All infos can be found here (PDF, 198.9 kB).

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World Innovation Guide

The World Innovation Guide from InnoTrans 2022 presents world innovations from the five trade fair segments Railway Technology, Railway Infrastructure, Public Transport, Interiors and Tunnel Construction, which have never been seen before by trade visitors at any event.

Download the World Innovation Guide now (PDF, 25.6 MB)

World Innovation Tours

Trade visitors and journalists experience world innovations at first hand during daily World Innovation Tours. Senior company representatives are at hand to welcome participants at stands, where they can discover everything about world premieres at InnoTrans 2024. There is, of course, also the opportunity to ask questions.

In 2024 tours are offered several times a day, include ten stops and last around 90 minutes. International trade visitors and journalists are provided with headsets for simultaneous translations into English. Every participant receives a hand-out summarizing the most important facts about the innovations viewed.

All operational train driver timetables in one display

All operational train driver timetables in one display
Electronic timetable and daily speed restriction zone display on a tablet. Image: CN-Consult GmbH

For the first time, CN-Consult's dynamic timetable makes it possible to combine all relevant operational timetable documents for train drivers in one display in the DiLoc|Sync document management system. Up-to-the-minute data from the electronic timetable and directory of speed restriction zones, daily speed restriction zone updates, timetable arrangements and digital replacement schedules are automatically integrated and do not have to be laboriously compiled. Simply enter the train number once to load all necessary data onto the end device. The tablet-based app can be used on trains without on-board equipment. The GNSS-supported geolocation function also enables the timetable to advance automatically during the journey. The system's flexible architecture is designed in such a way that in the future, other electronic timetable data, for example from the ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways), can be integrated.

CN-Consult GmbH
Germany – Mittenaar
Hall 2.1, Booth 720

Contact: Wolfgang Schüttler, Head of DiLoc|Sync
Phone: +49 2778 49496-34

Hygiene on board. Genuine leather for durable, clean, and sanitized seats

Hygiene on board. Genuine leather for durable, clean, and sanitized seats
Leotech genuine leather. Image: Conceria Leonica SpA
Hygiene on board. Genuine leather for durable, clean, and sanitized seats
Leotech surface protection with Sanitized®. Image: SANITIZED AG

Leonica introduces its latest version of Leotech Railway leather, re-engineered to be even more durable and to ensure easy and effective cleaning. The solvent-free surface finishing combines high resistance to wear and resistance to dirt and biological fluids already in its standard version. In its mass-transport configuration, Leotech is also offered with the integrated Sanitized® material protection. The antimicrobial treatment effectively prevents the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew, and provides long-lasting protection and peace of mind. Independent testing has confirmed also antiviral activity with a reduction of 99% after just 24 hours of contact time. Genuine leather is a natural material, recovered only from the already existing food supply chain and upcycled into a noble, durable, repairable, reusable upholstery material.

Conceria Leonica SpA
Italy - Lonigo - Vicenza
Hall 5.1, Booth 445

Contact: Dirk Van den Brande, Senior R&D Manager
Phone: +39 335 8416016

Improved process quality for mobile bolting

Improved process quality for mobile bolting
The clever case provides the best possible support for rail vehicle manufacturers. Image: JuKo Tech

The Smart Calibration Case (SCC) sets a new standard for process reliability in industrial bolting. The compact case with intelligent measurement and calibration technology for hydraulic units and sensors was developed to provide the best possible support for service providers and rail vehicle manufacturers, among others. Thanks to its extensive sensor technology, pressure gauges, pressure and angle of rotation sensors can be calibrated and the flow rate and motor power of HYTORC hydraulic pumps, for example, as well as the oil temperature can be measured and automatically documented. This also applies to environmental factors such as humidity or ambient temperature. The SCC documents the overall picture automatically so that transmission errors are ruled out. Thanks to its innovative technology, the Smart Calibration Case produced in Germany also detects leaks and offers maximum process reliability for mobile work thanks to its error analysis and evaluation.

Hytorc, Barbarino & Kilp GmbH
Germany – Krailling
Hall 10.2, Booth 120

Contact: Patrick Junkers, Managing Director Barbarino & Kilp GmbH
Phone: +49 89 2309990

VARYO III brings human centric lighting onto the platfom

VARYO III brings human centric lighting onto the platfom
VARYO III platform luminaire in tunable white. Picture: LMT
VARYO III brings human centric lighting onto the platfom
VARYO III at metro station Römerstadt, Frankfurt/Main. Picture: LMT

Until today, luminaires that focus on human well-being have not been found on train platforms. This is now possible for the first time with the ENEC-certified VARYO III luminaire from LMT Leuchten + Metall Technik GmbH. Equipped with a reflector, louvre, and inner diffuser, it grants optimum glare control and is perfect for use on platforms. Tunable white LEDs with adjustable light colour (warm 2700 K to cold 5700 K) enable circadian lighting and furthermore grant a significantly extended service life, which also reduces maintenance costs. Differently configurable, e.g. 600 or 1200 mm long, with symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution, VARYO III always offers the perfect solution, even for applications away from the platform. Its housing, which is sealed at the bottom, is vandal-proof, yet easy, and safe to install.

LMT Leuchten + Metall Technik GmbH
Germany – Hilpoltstein
Hall 5.2, Booth 720

Contact: Torsten Fiedler, Sales Director
Phone: +49 9174 4797-24

Hybrid track vehicle for sustainable subway maintenance

Hybrid track vehicle for sustainable subway maintenance
RORUNNER E³ for emission-free work in tunnels. Image: Robel

RORUNNER E³ is the first Robel track vehicle that operates almost emission-free and therefore contributes to a noticeable improvement in environmental and working conditions in tunnels: The site approach is carried out by pantograph via the 3rd rail, a battery storage unit supplies the energy for work travel and crane operation, the additional diesel generator serves only as a backup. The four-axle multifunctional vehicles take on transportation and traction tasks, taking into account ramps with the steepest gradients. There are no turning facilities in most subway networks. To save time and optimise work processes, the new RORUNNERs are therefore designed for bidirectional operation with a crane at the front of each vehicle and a loading area at platform level on both sides. Find these and other solutions for the maintenance of urban infrastructure at the InnoTrans outdoor area.

ROBEL Bahnbaumaschinen GmbH
Germany – Freilassing
Outdoor Display, T2/60

Contact: Andrea Lengdobler, Corporate Communication
Phone: +49 151 17112294

Direct feed-in of renewable energies into the traction power network: PV2Rail

Direct feed-in of renewable energies into the traction power network: PV2Rail
Decentralised and close to consumption: photovoltaic inverter PV2Rail. Photo: Smart Railway

PV2Rail is a photovoltaic inverter designed to feed directly into the single-phase 16.7 Hz or 50 Hz traction power network. This inverter enables the direct utilisation of renewable energies in the immediate environment of railway lines without having to take the costly and less energy efficient diversions via the three-phase 50 Hz power grid. PV2Rail is therefore a close to consumption and energy and cost-efficient solution. The compact photovoltaic inverter has a rated output of 100 kW and fulfils all relevant norms and standards. This ensures that the device can be quickly, easily, and reliably integrated into existing infrastructures.

SMART Railway Technology GmbH
Germany – Kassel
Hall 17, Booth 245

Contact: Stefanie Schütze, Press Contact
Phone: +49 561 50634-6256

Free plasterboard fire protection cabinets EI90

Free plasterboard fire protection cabinets EI90
IOP fire protection enclosure. Image: Swibox AG
Free plasterboard fire protection cabinets EI90
IOP fire protection cabinet. Image: Swibox AG

Today, the majority of fire protection cabinets used in tunnel construction for fire load insulation and functional integrity are made of plasterboard-based materials. To protect the plaster-boards from moisture and mold growth, the cabinets must be encased in stainless steel. With the cement-bonded material we use, this complex construction can be simplified considerably. These boards meet the fire protection specifications and cover all the requirements that tunnel construction places on fire protection cabinets today, as they are frost, water, and weather resistant. Plasterboard has a relatively high proportion of bound crystal water, which is released as water vapor at temperatures above 163 °C (in the event of fire). For electronic components, water vapor represents a very high load and can lead to failures. Our solution does not have this problem.

Swibox AG
Switzerland - Flamatt
Hall 5.2, Booth 912

Contact: Christian Bracher, CEO
Phone: +41 79 6815457

Train-to-Ground communications over MCX

Train-to-Ground communications over MCX
CeCoCo dispatch and control centre solution. Picture: Teltronic
Train-to-Ground communications over MCX
RTP-800 onboard radio. Picture: Teltronic

During InnoTrans 2022, Teltronic unveiled the RTP-800 as the first MCX cab radio terminal for transport; two years after and looking towards the future implementation of FRMCS, the company presents its complete MCX solution providing voice, data, and video services. Firstly, the solution includes private 4G/5G network infrastructures, which offer the highest levels of reliability and availability together with QPP (Quality of Service, Priority, and Preemption) features to deliver the mission-critical services required in railway operations. Secondly, the RTP-800 is FRMCS ready to manage train-to-ground communications at all times, enabling signalling applications and the integration with other subsystems: Passenger Information Services, Public Address, Passenger Emergency Alerts or the TCMS, among others. Finally, Teltronic's dispatch solution, NG CeCoCo, integrates the MCX communications in the control room together with other networks or applications such as video to provide a powerful solution for controllers of the rail operation.

TELTRONIC S.A. Unipersonal
Spain – Zaragoza
Hall 4.1, Booth 580

Contact: Miguel Simón, Marketing Manager
Phone: +34 660 479248