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Travel Catering & Comfort Services

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In addition to the product areas of vehicle equipment, interior fittings and design, the Interiors segment will also focus on Travel Catering & Comfort Services on a gross hall area of around 15,000 m². This independent theme area combines products and services relating to catering facilities and services for rail travel. After all, in competition with car, bus and air travel, on-board comfort is an important criterion for attracting (business) travelers to the railroads. Passengers should be able to enjoy every bit of their rail journey.

Whether local or long-distance - a high-quality and balanced range of food and beverages as well as excellent service for rail customers play a decisive role in this.

This is where Travel Catering & Comfort Services (TCCS) comes in.

TCCS Exhibitors at InnoTrans

  • Cairate Sviluppi Industriali
  • engineerethics
  • gatesolutions
  • Hubei Sanjiang Boli Intelligent Equipment
  • IRCG International Rail Catering Group
  • IVS Group
  • Kugel Edelstahlverarbeitung
  • Ophardt Hygiene-Technik
  • PaxLife Innovations
  • Pianfei Compositi
  • Rex-Royal
  • ROLEN Technologies & Products
  • Selecta
  • simplify engineering
  • Varicor
  • Vending Automater
  • Zhejiang Jinzi Machinery & Electrical
  • Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies
    as of: May 2024

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