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A host talking on stage of the Career Boost.


90 seconds to get the job of one’s dreams

Participants in the Eurailpress Career Boost talk about what happened to them after their elevator pitch at InnoTrans 2022. In summary, the concept works.

Jeremy White speaking at InnoTrans 2022.


Five forecasts – an optimistic look at the future

At the International Design Forum of InnoTrans 2022, Jeremy White, Transport Director at Seymourpowell, presented important changes that will impact how we humans will work and travel tomorrow.

a screen that says: 'InnoTrans Berlin 2022'


A huge boost for digitalisation in the rail industry

“Post InnoTrans – what trends and challenges are we seeing in the rail sector?“

People flow analyses on the PwC Mobility Platform.


Capture, analyse, control

PricewaterhouseCoopers and Cosmo Consult AG presented their software solutions for intelligent data assessment at InnoTrans 2022.

 the stainless steel galley by Kugel Edelstahlverarbeitung GmbH


Travel is more than just reaching your destination

To convince even more people to travel by rail in an environmentally friendly way, trains not only have to be reliable and fast, they also have to offer a pleasant travel experience.

Cybersecurity expert Mirko Ross at the Mobility+ Speakers' Corner.


New at InnoTrans: the Mobility+ platform

Providers of complementary mobility services had their own exhibition area for the first time at InnoTrans 2022: Mobility+.

Representatives from transport companies, research and administration at the International Bus Forum


How door-to-door service can succeed

"Mobility as a service for citizens - sustainable, smart and available everywhere" was the theme of this year's International Bus Forum, which was organized by the German Transport Forum (DVF).

A hydrogen train at InnoTrans.


Hydrogen in passenger and freight transport

Hydrogen is increasingly being tested as a propulsion energy source. As many as three experimental vehicles were on display at this year's InnoTrans.

A red and white bus drives along a street.


Smart charging management from the start: how EV fleets are saving electric

How can electric vehicle fleet operators streamline their charging infrastructure – and still ensure their buses are always on time?

A woman speaking at the speakers' corner at InnoTrans.


Successful planning for the sustainable transformation of mobility

At the Speakers‘ Corner sessions at InnoTrans 2022, the consulting firm Ramboll initiated an exchange of experiences on the topic of ’Climate neutrality.

A man and a woman traveling on the train together, smiling.


How digitalization improves your processes and your passenger experience

Train and capacity management, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and smart inventory, reservation and ticketing software lay the groundwork for the best customer experiences.

Comfort products: Pillow, house shoes, blindfold


Travel Catering & Comfort Services: A passenger experience above the industry standard

On-board comfort is an important competitive factor in the rail industry. Comfort services make the difference.

Contact solutions for busbars and modular connector systems


Compact connection technology for railways

Thanks to a new double-fork connector from Stäubli Electrical Connectors GmbH, it has now become possible to connect two conductor rails simultaneously.

A man in a green t-shirt sits at a desk a looks at a screen.


CleverShuttle – Efficient operation of on-demand transports

The modernised German Passenger Transport Act has permanently integrated “on-demand ride-pooling” into short-distance public transport.

A person in a hoodie walks on a dark train platform.


Top-5 Cybersecurity Challenges Rail Operators Face in 2022

As the rail industry becomes increasingly digital and connected, cyber threats are growing rapidly. The number of viable pathways for breaches and cyber threats on rail systems is growing rapidly.

A train is passing over a bridge in Kairo.


On a single rail into the future

Worldwide, 84 percent of monorails fulfil a transport task in public transport, and thanks to their economic advantages and shorter implementation times, the trend is rising.

Products of Sika Deutschland GmbH


Successful and safe bonding processes

In utility and rail vehicle construction, stable and reliable bonding processes can prevent both component failure and damage. Sika Deutschland GmbH supports its product users.