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Making decisions on the basis of real-time data

Maintenance instead of repair: Vossloh connect focusses on rail infrastructure.

Maintenance instead of repair: Vossloh connect focusses on rail infrastructure.

Obtaining real-time data on the condition of rail networks constitutes a challenge for the railway industry. By providing access to information which was previously unavailable, the Vossloh connect digital platform transforms such "black boxes" into "open books". At its core, Vossloh connect utilises predictive maintenance capabilities to identify maintenance needs before they lead to costly repairs or operational downtimes. This plays a crucial role for the extension of the service life of railway assets and ensures that investments in railway infrastructure create long-term value. Vossloh therefore describes its digital platform not just as a tool, but as a "strategic partner for achieving maximum track availability and efficiency".

Easy and intuitive operation

The data-driven analyses of Vossloh connect are facilitating precise planning and resource allocation and increasing the accuracy and effectiveness of maintenance plans. The platform is easy to use. Its intuitive user interface is suitable for users with both technical and non-technical backgrounds. In addition, the platform is scalable and can be adapted to different sizes of rail networks.

Digital rail network management

Vossloh connect ensures that maintenance work is carried out in a timely and efficient manner to minimise disruption and optimise performance in all areas. This is achieved by streamlining processes through data collection and analysis. The advanced monitoring tools also provide a clear picture of the condition of the assets and enable proactive maintenance activities. They also minimise accidents and increase the overall safety of rail operations. The Vossloh connect platform is based on a global approach, its network of experts and Vossloh's 140 years of experience in the rail infrastructure sector.

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