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Travel is more than just reaching your destination

To convince even more people to travel by rail in an environmentally friendly way, trains not only have to be reliable and fast, they also have to offer a pleasant travel experience. At InnoTrans 2022, around 20 companies presented their solutions for delicious food and drinks, robust fittings, stable on-board entertainment and comfortable sanitary areas on trains.

On the "Travel Catering & Comfort Services Route" (TCCS), InnoTrans visitors were able to meet companies such as Kugel Edelstahlverarbeitung GmbH, a supplier of stainless steel kitchens for on-board train catering.

Kitchens are supplied to customers as a complete package, including all connections – and of course in compliance with railway-relevant fire protection standards. A kitchen for the ÖBB Railjet and the new generation Nightjet trains was on display.

Several companies also present- ed accessories for on-board catering: from thermoelectrically cooled catering trolleys and specially developed dishwashers for rail applications to on-board cutlery and crockery. For night trains, exhibitors showed their selection of pillows, sheets and blankets for a restful sleep during the journey. simplify engineering AG present- ed stationary goods elevators for the supply of food and beverages to the on-board catering facilities. The TCCS route also featured catering products as such.

All-round comfort for passengers of all ages

In terms of on-board connectivity, PaxLife Innovations GmbH presented its solution. Even on route sections with poor Internet connection “to the outside” its cloud solution is able to offer on-board network services, so that passengers can enjoy streaming from a selection of videos, consult maps showing the position of the train or make on-board catering orders from their seat.

Varicor GmbH presented its mineral material for surfaces in trains, such as washstands in the sanitary area, but also for fittings and shelves. Varicor manufactures its products using a special casting process which al- lows great freedom of design. According to the manufacturer, the material is "non-porous, extremely wear-resistant and easy to clean."

The Japanese CombiWith Corporation makes travelling with babies easier. It has developed specifically designed space-saving changing tables and a high wall-mounted seat for sanitary compartments on trains, allowing parents more freedom of movement when using the sanitary area. The products are already being used on trains in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Italy.

Eye-catcher at the trade fair: the stainless steel galley by Kugel Edelstahlverarbeitung GmbH

Eye-catcher at the trade fair: the stainless steel galley by Kugel Edelstahlverarbeitung GmbH Photo: Messe Berlin GmbH