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Successful and safe bonding processes

In utility and rail vehicle construction, stable and reliable bonding processes can prevent both component failure and damage. Sika Deutschland GmbH supports its product users in the smooth execution and optimisation of manufacturing processes. In addition, well-matched products, in combination with a competent technical service which supports all development and production phases, facilitate an optimal process control.

Studies and experience feedback show that most errors in bonding are due to deviations from process specifications or to an insufficient level of process control. The Stuttgart-based adhesives manufacturer Sika not only produces and supplies high-quality adhesives and sealants, but also provides the necessary tools and product technologies. Before, during as well as after the bonding process, the products and services enable a comprehensive control and quality assurance.

Components and processes

The interaction of coordinated components ensures successful and safe bonding processes. These include pre-treatment agents which are visually detectable after application. Sikaflex® Booster Technology adhesives, which allow maximum flexibility in the process, and Sika- Force® adhesives. They are based on the Powerflex technology with a long open time and fast curing to optimise the time management.

The data matrix code on the containers enables a digital traceability of the applied products. In addition, Sika offers individual services, such as support in the selection of suitable application methods, as well as material compatibility, ageing and adhesion examinations based on international standards. A regular and comprehensive product training is offered to users at the customer’s site.

Adhesive bonding can be designed and dimensioned according to the level of relevance regarding safety, while processes are established, safeguarded and optimised in the production of adhesive bonding materials. Sika facilitates the implementation of common quality assurance standards and provides proof of safe function. Users can prove and document their manufacturing processes in accordance with the requirements of currently applicable quality standards for bonding, such as DIN 2304 (new ISO 21368) and DIN 6701 (new EN 17460).

Expert competence and quality assurance

When it comes to safety-relevant and durable bonded joints in the construction of rolling stock, there is no alternative to a competent mastery of bonding processes. Bonding expertise, proven adhesives and pre-treatment agents are one prerequisite. Another one is the availability of well-trained personnel in combination with a practiced quality assurance - used professionally in the application and documented by certifications. Altogether, this minimises errors, saves money, creates trust and increases the successful use of bonding technology.

In the White Paper “Successful and safe bonding processes” Sika lists its various elements to support the implementation, control and traceability of safe and successful bonding processes.

Products of Sika Deutschland GmbH

In addition to its products, Sika offers various elements for the implementation, control and traceability of safe and successful bonding processes. Photo: Sika Deutschland GmbH