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EURODUAL simulator in teaching mode

The simulator is the result of a cooperation between NEF, European Loc Pool (ELP) and Braunschweig-based company Zusi, a manufacturer of railway simulators in Germany. Initial findings related to the role of the EURODUAL simulator for the industry are now available.

The EURODUAL simulator was presented and commissioned in April last year and a positive usage balance can already be drawn after just under one year of service. With a continuous increase in orders for the EURODUAL, the demand for simulated journeys using the 159 Class locomotive is also growing. Since last year, some 130 train drivers have started or completed their retraining as BR 159 locomotive drivers at the locations of the Norddeutsche Eisenbahnfachschule. In addition, external enquiries from railway undertakings have brought in a further 60 users for surveillance, testing and educational runs. Numerous private persons have already gained an impression of the EURODUAL as well, bringing the number of users to over 200 in just under a year of operation.

A plus for Braunschweig as a railway location

“The increasing use of the EURODUAL is naturally also resulting in excellent utilisation of our simulator for this series. When we decided to operate this highly modern and elaborate EURODUAL simulator at the Braunschweig site, this was also an important consideration. We are very pleased that the training offer is being used extensively, even beyond our internal needs,” explains Robert Nahrstedt, Managing Director of NEF.

While the six-axle dual-mode locomotive is produced in Valencia, Spain, Braunschweig is the only location in Germany where it is delivered to German railway companies. The EURODUAL simulator provides a further building block for pioneering economic and environment-friendly solutions in railway transport at railway centre Braunschweig, which is already home to a diverse number of train-related companies. The EURODUAL simulator in Braunschweig is available to all interested parties and can be booked by companies for simulator training courses. Further information at:

A man is sitting in front of a simulator,

The EURODUAL simulator of the NEF in Braunschweig. Photo: NEF | Norddeutsche Eisenbahnfachschule GmbH