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How digitalization improves your processes and your passenger experience

Train and capacity management, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and smart inventory, reservation and ticketing software lay the groundwork for the best customer experiences, but also for seamless operator processes.

Passenger satisfaction in public transport is the basis for mobility customers’ long-term success. That is why we believe so strongly in improving the passenger experience. Timetabling, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and smart inventory, reservation and ticketing management are three digitalization solutions to help enable more effective, reliable and convenient public transport.

How are Siemens customers already benefitting from these solutions? Learn how our TPS Suite is helping the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) with modern timetabling and capacity management. How Siemens is developing a MaaS platform in the Netherlands to improve travel for customers throughout the country. And how Eurostar is growing its business with smart inventory, reservation and ticketing software solutions.

TPS Suite: from long-term planning to real-time dispatching

The TPS Suite combines infrastructure, timetable and train path management. This smart collection of tools helps infrastructure managers and train operators get the most out of their networks.

For the Swedish Transport Administration Trafikverket, the TPS Suite covers the whole range of planning phases from strategic planning of construction sites, Long Term Planning (LTP) and Late Path Request (LPR) up to Short Term Planning (STP) and operational planning on the day of departure. After replacing their old TrainPlan software with TPS, Trafikverket can now promise their customers more transparency and accuracy in timetable planning. TPS also improved the cooperation with train operating companies and supported compliance with EU legislation.

Learn more about TPS Suite.

Simplifying multimodal travel in the Netherlands with MaaS

When commuters have to plan a journey with different transport providers, they tend to have to juggle between booking tools. Mobility as a Service (MaaS) aims to make this a thing of the past. The goal is to combine all available transport providers to create a seamless travel experience from the first to the last mile – with one application that covers the entire passenger journey.

In the Netherlands, Siemens is helping Rivier do just that: create a country-wide MaaS platform as an open ecosystem that can be connected to existing apps. For new entrants to the MaaS-market, Rivier also provides an optional white label MaaS-app, with a look & feel that can be tailored to the wishes of its customers. Essentially any mobility provider can join the Rivier-platform, such as public transport providers, bicycle sharing companies and taxi services, enabling their offer to become better connected and more convenient for the end-user.

Learn more about the Mobility as a Service offer.

Cost savings thanks to flexible inventory, reservation and ticketing

S3 Passenger by Sqills is a modern solution for rail operators looking to replace their legacy booking systems with a more modular and flexible one.

Eurostar is one of Siemens customers already benefiting from Sqills’ scalable, state-of-the-art booking platform. According to Laurent Bellan, CIO Eurostar: “As Eurostar grows beyond 10 million transported passengers per year and we expand our reach further into Europe, having a flexible reservation system is critical. With its combination of agility, stability and responsiveness as well its willingness to work closely with our in-house development team, Sqills has proven to be the perfect partner.”

S3 Passenger fits seamlessly into Eurostar’s event-based architecture and provides real-time booking messages to customers. As a result, Eurostar has reduced the time-to-market for new fares and experienced greater flexibility in revenue management, in addition to noting substantial cost savings.

Learn more about S3 Passenger.

Next stop: Siemens Xcelerator

Digitalization for mobility is really just starting to take off. Both passengers and operators will profit dramatically from the further development and integration of these solutions into Siemens open digital business platform: Siemens Xcelerator. By enabling different mobility stakeholders to exchange data in a standardized way, Siemens Xcelerator is conceived to evolve into a powerful ecosystem of partners who can jointly accelerate digital transformation and make public transport even more attractive as a sustainable and convenient mode of transport.

Learn more about Siemens Xcelerator and our digitalization offers for mobility.


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track workers in Sweden

Trafikverket in Sweden uses TPS Suite for track works coordination

A man gets out of a yellow train.

Rivier connects mobility providers for a seamless customer journey

A woman looks out of a train window.

S3 Passenger by Sqills is helping Eurostar evolve its business