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Design trends for the interior design of rail vehicles

Ake Rudolf on stage at the International Design Forum 2022

Ake Rudolf on stage at the International Design Forum 2022

The rail sector is experiencing a fascinating development in design, where boundaries are being pushed and the travel experience gets redefined. Ake Rudolf, Strategic Director of the International Design Center Berlin (IDZ) and organizer of the International Design Forum, is sharing insights into the design trends that are currently shaping the industry scene.

"When planning the upcoming International Design Forum, I recently reflected on the discussions at last year's InnoTrans Convention. These gave us a deep insight into the ever-evolving world of train interiors and the solutions of train interiors and public transportation. We are happy to explore some of the latest design trends here. The first one is the focus on user-centered design, flexibility and sustainability. Designers and manufacturers are aiming for a balance between space and comfort to ensure that interiors can be adapted to different passenger needs and changing demands. The creation of multi-purpose areas in the train interior is on everyone's lips. These zones are geared towards different activities - socializing, catering, work and relaxation - and offer customized services tailored to the preferences of tailored to the preferences of passengers. Modular concepts are on the rise and allow areas to be replaced and modernized to bring trains in line with changing needs. This approach enables more flexible and cost-effective adaptations to new requirements and seasonal changes in demand. Another trend is to use insights from various sectors outside the rail industry to introduce innovative practices and technologies to enrich the design process for train interiors. Prototypes, user tests and their evaluation remain crucial. These methods help validate design concepts and ensure that they meet passenger expectations, that they meet passenger expectations and improve the travel experience. As part of InnoTrans 2024, the International Design Forum will highlight these ongoing trends, focusing on the current dynamics in train interiors. The #IDF24 will focus on the user-centered development of passenger spaces and discuss forward-looking solutions for local and regional public transport. We will ensure that the International Design Forum continues to serve as a platform to discuss, analyze and adapt to current and future design trends in the industry."

Design in public transport will also be the main focus of the International Design Forum hosted by IDZ and InnoTrans, which will take place on the 25th September 2024 during the InnoTrans 2024.