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5G and cybersecurity solutions for the railroad sector

Teldat's new communication and cybersecurity solutions

Teldat's new communication and cybersecurity solutions

High reliability and communication performance as well as cyber security measures are essential for transportation operators for various reasons: They enable them to continuously improve their processes for remote configuration and visualization of their IT infrastructure and to optimize their network services and security. In addition, they can use the new AI mechanisms for their data analysis and security. Teldat solves the most important use cases with H5 RAIL, the latest generation of routers for high-demand and high-availability scenarios. This multi-service device is characterized by its large capacity to support high bandwidth requirements. It has up to four 5G modules with active/stand-by dual SIM. This enhances operator coverage and enables simultaneous use of multiple operators, connectivity, quality of service and connection stability when roaming. It also includes eSIM for dynamic operator configuration.

Made in Europe

H5 Rail also feature WLAN 6, which can be operated in client or access point mode to provide a service to passengers and solve the challenging cases of train-to-ground communication. This includes an advanced system for detecting unauthorized access to a network, issuing alerts or Intrusion Detection System (IDS) logs. Where more storage space is required, an SSD extension is available. New product generations such as Celer Rail and H5 Rail show that AI, alongside 5G connectivity, is a fundamental tool for creating a secure environment. In this regard, the integration of Coral technology, detection of unwanted objects, predictive analytics and self-healing (Extended Detection and Response) XDR cyber techniques are some of the most common use cases in this sector. Due to its innovation efforts, Teldat was awarded the “Cybersecurity made in Europe” seal last year by the network alliance of European information and communication technology companies, European Digital SME Alliance. Teldat maintains strict data protection and cybersecurity standards.

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