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August 10, 2021

InnoTrans Podcast: Integrated mobility solutions for public transport

An app that integrates every mobility option, whether in urban or rural areas. That is the type of solution that Chris Snyder, CEO Europe of Via Transportation, envisages for a changeover to on-demand, emission-free public transit systems. “The next frontier for technology-enabled public transit is seamless integration with existing networks – from payments to multi-modal trip planning, and from service design through operation. That integrated vision is what we’re building today with our transit partners all over the world.”

In the latest episode of the InnoTrans Podcast, which will be aired on 10 August as part of the InnoTrans Preview, Chris Snyder will explain why the focus must be on ride-sharing and offering integrated smart solutions. Even if electromobility and driverless vehicles are fundamentally changing the future of mobility, this will still take time. Batteries continue to be a major challenge for electromobility, and he expects significant progress in this area over the next five years. Integrated mobility options are already a possibility, he says. The best example of this is a project by Via Transportation in Milton Keynes north of London, where the UK’s first electric, on-demand ride-sharing bus fleet has been introduced. It has also significantly reduced costs and travel times.

Services that are currently provided on an individual basis, such as school bus rides and transporting hospital patients and the disabled, could also be integrated in a digital platform. With Berlkönig for example, a ride-sharing option offered by Via Transportation and BVG public transport in Berlin, wheelchair users now enjoy a quicker and more flexible service.

Next year, Via Transportation will be presenting more innovative solutions in the Mobility+ display area at InnoTrans 2022. With InnoTrans Mobility+, the Public Transport segment is for the first time offering suppliers of supplementary mobility services a display area where they can focus attention on their own special themes. Featured topics will include shared mobility, mobility apps, first/last mile options and technology such as on-demand transit systems. This new part of the exhibition offers suppliers of supplementary mobility services a platform where they can meet transport companies, transport networks and public sector customers.

You can find all episodes of the InnoTrans Podcast here. Additional information on these episodes is available on our social media channels LinkedIn, Twitter (@InnoTrans) and our InnoTrans blog.

The next episode of the InnoTrans Podcast will be aired on 14 September.

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