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March 14, 2022

InnoTrans Podcast: Minimising the ultrafine particles from braking

Many cities suffer from poor air quality and high levels of ultrafine particles. The French startup Tallano Technologie has designed a braking system for cars and trains which reduces ultrafine particle emissions by 90 per cent. In the podcast, CEO Christophe Rocca-Serra explains how that works. The episode is available online from 15 March 2022.

“You need to be absolutely convinced that what you are doing is important. Only then will you wake up every day and endeavour to introduce something new in the industry“, is how Christophe Rocca-Serra, CEO and founder of Tallano, describes his motivation. 12 years ago he began working to solve a health issue that to date has received little attention: the ultrafine particles emitted by brakes on cars and trains.

“Braking releases ultrafine metal particles the size of a virus. The smaller these particles, the more dangerous they are, because they penetrate human tissue“, the CEO says. Tallano’s braking system tackles the problem at source to prevent the release of ultrafine particles into the environment. “We modify the brake shoes and vacuum the particles directly there at source“, says Christophe Rocca-Serra. “At the same time we measure the temperature and pressure of the brake shoes and can estimate when they need replacing“, he adds.

“In addition to the podcast, other InnoTrans media releases such as the InnoTrans Report and the InnoTrans Daily newsletter are also reporting on innovative companies such as Tallano“, says InnoTrans director Kerstin Schulz. The InnoTrans Report is a B2B trade magazine which features industry news and innovations. This year the report will appear four times and be available on the website and as an app. The InnoTrans Daily newsletter will provide visitors to InnoTrans with the latest daily updates.

All episodes of the InnoTrans Podcast are available on the InnoTrans Website. Additional information offer the profiles on LinkedIn and on Twitter as well as the InnoTrans blog.

The next episode of the InnoTrans Podcast will be aired on 12 April 2022.

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